Volunteer Therapist?


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  • megane

    I don't think Discord, a chatting app, would have any proper authority to verify a person as a real therapist. That's a certification that comes with a serious responsibility.

    Even giving just an unassuming "volunteer counselor" type of badge with the disclaimer that they're not a real therapist can be a big risk. Vulnerable and naive people will still see them as an authority they can trust since they had to be appointed by some invisible force in the background. How would they even be able to conduct this verification process? I don't think as a company discord would realistically be able to dedicate the time and resources to hand out these badges with any authenticity. 

    You're better off just trying find helpful supportive communities and using your own personal judgement on which individuals you can trust from them. They don't hire staff on Discord based on their psychology degrees. They're mostly looking for engineers.


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