What is up with the Inbox sorting?!



  • adayoldbagel

    I absolutely agree. I should be able to open the inbox to see what that most recent notification sound was, because with 100 servers, most of which are constantly in an unread state, there is no other way for me to know where notifications are coming from, besides opening every folder, looking down through every server, which most of the time isn't worth it because it will turn out to be some clown using @everyone to announce something I don't care about at all.

    Whatever the inbox is currently doing to sort what you see is completely useless.

  • Lynxpardia

    Bump. +1. Agree. Anything to get more attention to this.

    The Inbox is STILL woefully underwhelming. I would love to be able to figure out what's going on right now and where, instead of hearing a notification and thinking "I wonder where that came from" as I hopelessly search through the inbox...

    ... how in tarnation is there no sorting functionality? For reals. It looks like it might just be alphabetical right now, but I'm not sure. Still, I prefer the sorting of my Gmail inbox to that of my Discord inbox. I really, really hope for some further fleshing out of this feature. At least if nothing else make it show messages in order of most recent instead of... whatever useless method it's using presently.

    Oh and while we're at it, I know that it's possible to hide channels from the Inbox, but muting them in the Inbox is the same as muting them in the channel list; however, there are some channels which I would not want muted necessarily, but still wouldn't want to see in my Inbox. This Inbox needs a spam folder, in other words.


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