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    thank god someone feels the same way i feel and this server im active in. no one in the server i like likes this new reply feature. they think its hideous and i agree. at least let us have a choice on if we want reply or quote


  • lordpotato

    You can manually quote with the > feature, however I also see your point on how this would be quite annoying to do.

  • Hidden50

    After some more experience with it, I like "reply" a fair bit. The part where we can click on the quotation to get to the original message is pretty neat.

    I think we should keep "quote" around, though - it allows to delete part of a longer message and only reply to some bits of it. That's not possible with reply.

    We can still do it this way: Select, copy, type "> ", paste, fix formatting by hand where applicable. But that's some extra steps, so having quote  was convenient.

  • Dral Atin

    I also strongly dislike the new system. It’s less intuitive and it looks ugly

  • deized

    I personally dont like it. If you reply to a reply the previous message will just become an whole sentence combining your reply with the person you replied to. You cant tell the difference who said who. Its just confusing.


    I really hate the new "replying" system. Its very annoying and less efficient than quoting. Some people do like it so I think maybe bring back quoting and have both options? Just the new reply system is really ugly and annoying and it feels a little out of place with discord. I think everyone else in this section said what needs to be said. Please just give us back quoting.

    Thank you in advance, Zack

  • Voiced

    I just want the ability to quote put back into the right click menu.

    Can leave and improve on the existing reply feature as a separate thing but the quote feature added so much value for moderation and assistance in many servers. Even in DM's it was more useful than the reply one. Even if its possible the long way with "> " its still more cumbersome and time consuming. There's no reason they can't simply give another option. It's not like 1 more suddenly clutters the menu.

    Don't remove welcomed features to replace them with barely functional features that add 3 steps and more complexity.

  • Wolfgalaxy

    Discord? Giving us options? Yeah, that'll never happen.

    They seriously need to start just giving us options. Let us choose between quotes and replies being displayed in the drop down menu. Let us choose if we can see warnings telling us a message from a blocked person is there. Let us choose to have Divider Lines.

    But, I guarantee they never will. It really sucks.

  • Ellandriel

    As a Moderator for a gaming company, the complete removal of proper qiuote responding has made my job quite difficult.

    First of all: Sure. Can have the reply, but make it NOTICABLE, Discord. Seriously. Second of all, there was NO good reason to entirely strip away Quote Response. This feature made my life so much easier & there are so many more around the web that has spoken up the complete removal of it.

    Now, before someone just mindlessly says "Oh just use >", I want that person to stop. & actually think. I am not talking about an embed here. i am tlking about Quote Response, which does present some differences.

    Just using "Link Message" isn't much help either in a lot of case. Handy function, but not the be-all, end-all.


    I also happen to be on a very active Discord server run by a YT creator/streamer on twitch. People have asked me there why I don't respond to a lot of things. In a dang sea of tiny little reply lines followed by a ton of text, I can NOT see which one is even directed at me. Reply is a half-baked function that needs a LOT of work. It was not very well thought-out, when it comes to the grander scale of things. Quote Response works. Just stop removing everything that actually works well, basically. Because this is making even a return to things like Teamspeak look like an attractive idea & that is saying something.

  • MixD

    I agree with most of the comments here.  To emulate the old Quote functionality you have to do these steps manually:

    1. Initiate a block quote
    2. Copy the text - Ctrl-C Ctrl-V
    3. Copy the formatting - you have to guess/work out how the formatting was done and emulate it exactly
    4. Mention the original author

    The real problem is step 3.  The other steps are annoying but manageable.  If Ctrl-C Ctrl-V in step 2 also copied the formatting codes then that would make the current interface bearable, but might be annoying if you're pasting outside of discord.


    So why not make Quoting part of the Reply interface?  Have a Quote button right next to the button that turns off/on pinging the original author, and which works just like the old Quote does (i.e. does the 4 steps above).  Thus you keep the Reply functionality of a simple link back to the original message but also get the utility of Quoting.

    Further considerations:

    • The Ping toggle button should then be adapted to work on the quote too.
    • Using the Quote button should also disable the avatar and text preview that goes above the reply, to keep the interface a bit cleaner.  (You can still click on "replied to" to get to the original message.)
  • VidAvehn

    In addition to the problems pointed out by MixD, another frustrating aspect is that the Reply function only allows me to reply to a singular post, whereas the quick reply function allowed me to address multiple aspects of something in a single response, which can be highly helpful when discussing multiple topics, questions, or rule discussions in a single thread. It may seem like a minor inconvenience but that can be a real timesaver, and given that it was a feature we already had I'm not sure why it had to be entirely replaced and removed.


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