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  • Assimilater

    I was gonna make this post if I didn't find it already

  • Voverė

    100% agreed!

    Here's why quotes are important and why replies shouldn't replace them:

    1. They allow you to quote someone without necessarily replying to them directly.
    2. They allow you to quote the entirety of the message rather than link to the original.
    3. They allow you to quote multiple messages at once rather than just one.
    4. They allow you to edit quotes by shortening them to only the relevant part, highlighting key points with text formatting, splitting a large message into smaller chunks that you can intercept with regular text and more.
    5. They allow you to copy fully formatted text without the necessity to re-format it painfully manually.
    6. They allow you to very easily respond/quote across different channels.

    Probably more that I didn't mention...

    The point is that the quoting system is VERY useful and most of the features are made either really tedious or even impossible without the "Quote" button present. Have your replies if you want, but please bring back the "Quote" button.

  • VishalSlayer

    I am really confused with this new reply feature, some of the servers are having the option to reply whereas some of them has only quote option to reply. Is this feature can be disabled and enabled in server settings? This is tripping me tbh

  • TerribleTeej

    Please bring back the Quote! the Reply won't let you edit for a smaller snippet of the quote, AT ALL. Plus it s a terrible distraction the way its set up.


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