Please make blocking people feel more blocked



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    He’s not wrong

  • HeraldBFC

    Oh god, yes please. Especially the custom status part! It feels weird if you're blocking someone because the  server admin disagrees that they're a problem (For whatever reason) and you still get to see "Oh, yep, hurtful or hateful things in the custom status. Sure was worth blocking them." I'll take "Sometimes being confused about what other people are talking about" if it means not having to interact with a blockable user again.

  • Hacker_Boiii

    'I wish there was a way in settings to hide the "Blocked Message" thing and make nothing show at all since if I'm blocking someone, I dont want to see them and/or their messages right?'

    The idea of a setting to hide the current blocked message system could work but makes it a lot harder for a user to understand context or what's being talked about in a channel if they cant see messages of a person and the last thought they'll have is to go into settings and turn off the toggle and will most likely assume that their just missing out in terms of a conversation and not realise that the reason the discussion doesn't make sense is because they aren't seeing messages of the person who they've blocked. It just becomes a pain, even if it's an optional feature. You also can't stop 'seeing' them without completely cutting all your connections with them and if you dislike them that much then you can do that without any change to the current system.

    'If its there so I can see their messages, why have them blocked.'

    Blocking them means that you can't see their messages and they cant directly contact you through pings or direct messages because their message is blocked out on your screen. You may have to see their messages in a wide array of situations in order for something important or just a general discussion about a topic with others. There's no need for you to discuss anything with them though and the current blocking system is perfectly fine to make it so that you are not receiving messages from them.

    'It would also be good if the blocked person could not see my messages too since if I dont want to see them, I dont want them to see me.'

    You're messages are already public anyway in a shared DM or channel. Anyone can see those messages and there no reason for your messages not to be received by them just because you blocked them. That also can have the same effect of ruining the conversation for them in a situation where they haven't even blocked you. Your messages, every time you send them, are for public access so there no point in removing them from the blocked users screen especially when the blocked user doesn't want your messages to be removed from their screen.

    'Another thing is about seeing them in the server member list. It kind of annoys me when I see people in the member list whom I've blocked and that they can see my custom status and I see theirs.'

    Custom status and member lists are public data in shared guilds and anyone in that guild can access that. Seeing them in a member list shouldn't be a problem and if you have a massive problem with seeing their custom status don't share any guilds with them. If they want to see your custom status, they have the ability and right to access that data because that's not what blocking does. Blocking removes them from your screen not from you from theirs.

  • ReganSenpai

    The current method of "Blocking" feels more like a mute. It is very lineant so it is only good for certain situations, such as when there is someone you don't really have anything against personally, but who maybe you don't like hearing from constantly.

    (For example, someone who tends to complain about anything and everything. You might not want to see that negativeity every day, but then other times you feel fine hearing them out, so a "block" would hide thier messages by default and you can reveal them if you know you are in a place where seeing some grumpiness it isn't going to bum you out.)

    So I think the current block functions should stick around but be renamed to Text Chat Mute or something. Then a different set of functions should be made for more serious situations. Fuctions that actually Block certain people from seeing what you do.

    The current block is useless in situations where someone is actually trying to bother you spesifically, or if someone is making you feel unsafe, or if someone is looking at all your messages to find out information about you or to use the things you say against you etc. Sure they can't ping you or send you DMs or add you as a friend. But if you share a server then there's no way to keep them from seeing what you are up to unless you leave the server or they leave the server. And that sucks.

  • Organien



  • Thorben

    It would also be good if the blocked person could not see my messages too since if I dont want to see them, I dont want them to see me [and my custom status].

    No, who is able to read the (all) posts in a channel has to be decided by the server owner/admin for everyone.

    If you don´t want him to read the you posts you write, you can leave the server or ask the admin to remove him.

    Everything else would be a problem, because everyone could be forced to see a different chat log and it obviously can be abused by spammers and trolls.

    Yes to the rest. You should be able to decide what your client shows to you.

  • squeegily#7499

    If you use an ad blocker such as uBlock Origin, here is a cosmetic filter


    Though, obviously, this won't work if you use their "native" app for mobile or desktop.

    (This is exactly the sort of thing that I opened this thread about. It's obscene that people can't control the way they interact with a service.)

  • squeegily#7499

    if someone is looking at all your messages to find out information about you or to use the things you say against you etc

    I feel you acutely, but there's not much Discord can do about this. If they even tried to, then doxers would just create separate "observer" accounts that they do research on, maybe post a bit to avoid getting kicked for lurking, but never let on their true purpose for being there (to stalk you).

    Each Discord server (or restricted channel) is like a Facebook group: if you're in it, you can see what's posted. To try to fight this is futile if there are any "unknown" people in the group (or channel): any of them could be the stalker (or an informant for the stalker).

  • Cherryzombs

    It's also an issue that it doesn't block their image, name, or custom status in the server list for the person that blocked them. Especially when they can, and do, change their name to be at the top of the list.


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