Be able to edit who you replied to.



  • karl-police

    I also wanted to say this, and I also would like to be able to edit and change to who you replied to.


    I replied to someone, however I wanted to change the message reply, so I ended up having to delete and repost the message.

    Again, before this was added, message links could have been used instead and since they were within someone's own message, you were able to edit the message link all times.


    Now, if a bot is also able to do this incase this gets added, well, I guess there will be some different stuff then.

  • HummusMan

    I came here just to say this. I hope they add this in soon. 

    I'm used to quoting and most of the time, I post something and then remember to quote someone else. It used to work fine with quoting but with replies, this greatly breaks my flow. Now I have to delete the text and then retype it remembering to reply to someone. 

    Also like you said somtimes you reply to the wrong person. 
    This really needs to get fixed asap.


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