Add a "Ping when replying" default option for global and/or per-server



  • Wickedspyder

    I agree and came to this forum simply to suggest having a toggle option somewhere to make the default not ping with the option of pinging as is currently in effect.

  • Chami

    personally, I wish for the *default* default to remain "ON", but I wish more for it to be configurable.

  • Wickedspyder

    I'm suggesting making a setting to toggle the default to be whichever a person prefers; that way everyone can decide which they want as default.

  • Chami

    Right, that's the core of this feedback/suggestion. Either a global or per-server configuration would be nice, but both at once would be best.

  • Mikew

    This is definitely needed, yes.
    The reply feature is undoubtedly better than the old Quote feature, but more often than not I cannot justify pinging someone just to reply to their message.

    Please either
    - make it remember what your previous setting was
    - allow us to set our default option somewhere in our personal settings
    - allow servers to disable pinging when replying

  • perz

    absolutely. some people i talk with find pings annoying, some others do not. it would be great to have this option. 


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