Let us disable reply pings



  • TheSheepster

    I agree, adding a setting to change the default at a MINIMUM is easy.

    It can either go in User Settings or just be right next to the @on option as a "Remember" button.

  • AstaCam

    Honestly I'd love to be able to turn server settings off, I have a lot of "top people" who get mentioned way too much as it is, and it'd be fantastic to disable them, either in specific channels, or altogether, even if there's the addition to "default" settings of ping replies to ... whatever you find necessary, but I'd enjoy a time limit on ping replies. Something that realizes that 10s ago I made a comment I don't need mentioned...

  • Brumbpo

    I assumed that when replies were introduced, the auto-pinging was just an oversight. It still hasn't been changed so it's intentional? 

    Please turn this off!

  • Kai ♂

    Yes PLEASE.. Either let us disable reply pings entirely or have it off by default.. People seem to constantly "forget" even with multiple reminders.. Seems like a minor peeve to be annoyed by something small as a ping but as somebody else said already, it's basically a demand of your immediate attention for something that usually doesn't require it.

    Pings are usually best for things that are important such as announcements or somebody requiring moderator assistance.. Or if anything, maybe somebody replying to something you'd said a few days ago. Not because somebody replied to something you said less than a minute ago.

  • CosmicGiant

    It's been suggested for over 6 months now...

    I suggest https://support.discord.com/ gives an automatic 'ping' (notification) to devs on every comment or vote of every issue, with users getting a button to opt out if pinging (notifying) them, similar to how replies are working on Discord right now.

    Maybe if they see just how many people forget to opt out of pinging, they will take this issue to be as serious as it actually is. Literally EVERYONE here is telling they hate this automatic pinging on replies except if you don't forget to opt out, both as senders and receivers. I am getting to the point of avoiding using the reply feature entirely, because I so often forget to opt out; which I would like to do literally every time.

  • Nicholas Steel

    Here is a way to disable it, works with Greasemonkey extension in Firefox. It automatically sets Ping to Off.

  • Sparker

    Please do something about this. It is so annoying to disable it every time, it is annoying to get pinged without a good reason, and it is annoying to have people annoyed by the pings tell you to disable the ping every time.

  • NeckTieDan

    Really getting tired of being pinged in the middle of the night for a stupid reply. We can already turn off everyone mentions and other pings, why not replies? At least have the default option be off.

  • Steel_Blue

    One of the proposals in this thread should definitely be done.

  • Kitteh6660

    I've been thinking up of a possible solution.

    What about adding a new notification setting to suppress reply pings? Some people WANT to be pinged and some do not want.

    In this case, when I want to be pinged, I'd have to ask people to please ping me when replying. And those who do not want to be pinged will not get the notification. A win-win.

  • trdaisuke

    Got here by searching for a way to do this.

    Since "ping" is the default choice, and many people don't seem to know it is a choice, I'm getting a lot of garbage pings from people unnecessarily using the reply feature. (why do people feel the need to use the "reply" feature if my post is the only recent one in the channel anyway?)

    I can't disable all pings from these servers or channels because some things might need my urgent attention, but 99% of pings originating from this "reply" feature are completely unnecessary, and unwanted.

    Rather than the options proposed by OP, I'd really appreciate the ability for me (as the receiver of this ping) to mute all pings originating from replies globally, rather than giving my reply-er control of whether or not to annoy me today. Failing that, muting all pings originating from replies on a server-by-server basis, much like we can mute everyone, here, or role pings.

  • Arceus

    Tossing in that the suppression of normal mention pings is not respected by replies, they are apparently immune. So even if someone did disable all pings from a server, it won't matter, they get the ping anyway.

    The easiest thing to do in this case would be making reply pings respect this setting. Please do. I'm already tired of telling people to stop pinging me.

  • Kielan

    Such a dreadful feature that allows people to harass others, answer me! ping answer me, what a disaster!

    x (x)
  • Arsis

    Need it

  • Oshida_BCF

    I like how it's been 7 months, and nothing changed.

  • Guys just do ``SHIFT + The reply button" and by defult it won't reply ping.

  • Brumbpo

    When the feature came out I assumed the ping being 'on' by default was a mistake. Then I thought 'maybe it's a joke.'

    Now I still think it's a joke but in a different way. This feature is so incredibly annoying it's unreal.

  • As someone that actively moderates a fairly busy Discord with multiple users that regularly have to remind folks to not ping them during replies, I think its embarrassing that we've yet to see this addressed. We need a server level toggle for this, and I don't think its unreasonable to make that a reality, please and thank you.

  • David R. B. 🍕

    Nine months later and this is still extremely annoying. I have to tell everyone "don't tag!" But most people don't even realize the reply tags people by default. 

    I want to have the option to disable pings for reply tags in my notification settings. 

  • Jourdan🌸

    please turn this off IMMEDIATELY. I don't want to turn off notifications for my own server but every time I say something and people use that "Reply" function. You end up with 10+ pings instantly. REMOVE this altogether, don't replace it. Just delete it. Plz.

  • Jy~

    Just annoyed someone cuz I pinged them from a quote. Please give us the option to disable ping on quote. I'm too lazy to click it every time so I will continue to piss people off unless you change this k thx bai

  • Lunos

    I can't believe Discord still doesn't let the user set the default state of on-reply pinging.

    What the heck dude. This is the kind of basic functionality you'd add right away, on the exact same day you roll out the feature.

  • Greenious

    I'm in a server where ping protection is a thing, when the ping protection rolled out everyone was getting muted constantly.

    This is a basic necessity Discord Staff, this has been around for over 8 months and this is just causing unnecessary chaos and it's driving me insane.

    Please fix this now, I can't tolerate being muted again because of this stupid feature and I'm about to leave for TEAMSPEAK if this isn't fixed soon enough.

  • keatonktw121

    Please allow the ability for users to at the very least to set the default state of on-reply pinging to "@ OFF" or for servers to disable on-reply pinging entirely. This is causing end users a lot of pain and discomfort from both a moderation and participant perspective.

    If it is a structurally challenging problem to solve, the design of the feature itself should probably be re-evaluated.

  • Jason(Rakasha/Leo)

    Please add this if possible, it can't be that hard to simply add the option, thanks

  • ry

    Makes no sense to me that we can disable mentions but not reply pings - realistically, what's the difference? Users just reply to a message rather than directly @ing and it's just as frustrating.

  • TobyNight

    Yeah, the quoting really needs to default as ping off, and the on can be a toggle. Or, Atleast make a setting to make a quote off default.

  • Kitsune

    Necroing this to try and get discord to fix it

  • headdie

    Thread I was previously commented in linked to here so throwing in here as well

  • Ryuhouji

    I support this request, please make it so.


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