Let us disable reply pings



  • HaramDingo

    This can either work in two ways:

    • Having the user (i.e. the pinger) using replies to either have their default @ ping turned off or have it in the user settings to select their default, or
    • Suppressing pings from any replies (even if the user above has pings on) in maybe a global setting somewhere. Or maybe only allowing pings from certain people, like people on a friends list or something? Because even though the server settings suppress @everyone and @here, as well as all @role mentions are already suppressed, pings from a post being replied to are not.

    I would place this functionality under App Settings in the "Notifications" section (obviously). I like my pings to come from certain people if they are meaningful, and preferably not during business hours.

  • Jahandar

    Please do this!

  • Khes

    discord is usually so good about fixing stuff and allowing customisation, why not this as well?

  • trollage1

    yes, this gets really annoying. discord should also make the option to disable pings and reply pings server wide.

  • ads

    as a moderator i can't set dnd. bc i need to react quickly in some cases.

    but peeps keep pinging me on replies, and begging them to turn ping off all the time is not the way things work.

    please, make a setting on sender end or receiver end to turn off reply pings by default.

  • HedgeWizardly

    Agreed, please allow us to either suppress reply pings as users receiving them, disable them across the board for servers, default replies to not ping, or make it clear on replying that "This message will ping this user. If you don't think it's urgent, you can choose to disable it".


    This has caused a couple of issues in communities I moderate and would be a nice solution.

  • keatonktw121

    Been awhile..

    Please allow the ability for users to at the very least to set the default state of on-reply pinging to "@ OFF" or for servers to disable on-reply pinging entirely. This is causing end users a lot of pain and discomfort from both a moderation and participant perspective.

    If it is a structurally challenging problem to solve, the design of the feature itself should probably be re-evaluated.

  • Chloe Hoshimachi Wichers

    The devs are implementing all of these other updates but not this simple thing, pretty hilarious, dont think they ever read here as well so spamming them in twitter posts might make them read this major complaint from the community

  • prototype464

    Oh my God Discord, PLEASE offer a way to mute reply pings. I have Asperger's and ADHD, I use Discord for productivity as I run and manage several servers. I can't chat in public servers without getting reply pings, I'm sick of having to regurgitate the same sentences every single time I have to explain to someone to not reply ping me, that I have ADHD, and that I've tried absolutely everything to attempt removing that stupid red [1], [2], [3].

    I finally found a solution a few months ago in the form of a 3rd-party feature that automatically suppressed reply mentions on desktop, but the developer abandoned it and that no longer works so it's back to this hell. Why is there not a single way to mute them? Or better yet, why is it on by default!?

    I swear this has got to be one of the most infuriating and distracting things I've EVER experienced on a platform, GIVE US A WAY TO MUTE THEM PLEASE!

    This has genuinely been causing me mental anguish for well over a year now!

  • prototype464

    Second reply to this post because I am actually begging for this to be fixed. Please. Most of my friends are on Discord, but I have completely removed myself from finding new folks to talk to in Discord because I get 4, 5, 6 reply pings after I send a single message and pings are supposed to be for important stuff.

    Please Discord, fix this. Its been two years of this being an issue, adding a keyboard shortcut isn't a solution, it's a water droplet thrown on a fire. Please fix this. Please. I beg of you.

  • pat mattington

    How has this not been fixed, I've gotten into multiple arguments with users who say "it's too hard to disable" when I ask them to stop pinging me, it is a basic accessibility feature the app lacks.

  • prototype464

    There is a news article about it now. I have been waiting for nearly two years for this to be fixed.

    Why is the only way to mute reply pings blocking people? Fix it already!


  • Marcus Hawkins

    2 years later, it's still an issue.
    Bumping this thread in hopes this will get noticed more often.

  • prototype464

    Still waiting for this Godforsaken issue to be fixed. Jesus Christ, Discord, just do SOMETHING.

  • DoctorDothraki

    Bumping again. Here's a list of useful and distinguishable features requested here:

    **User settings:**
    - Default @off for replies (sending)
    - Remember the @ setting from your last reply (sending)
    - Suppress pings from replies (receiving)

    **Server settings:**
    - Disable @on like you can disable external emojis
    - Make @off the default for all users
    - Suppress pings from replies the same way you can mute a server

    **UX changes:**
    - Remove the easy ping option from replies, requiring the user to tap another user's name to ping in a reply

  • prototype464

    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

  • bencos18

    why is this still an issue discord 

    like really....

  • prototype464

    Still waiting.

  • Sillvva

    +1 to this.

    As a moderator, I've seen several instances where some users don't want to be pinged, and regularly get pinged in conversations by users using reply. Sometimes it's by accident, some don't know they can turn it off, but some also do it maliciously. So we've had to start giving out reminders/warnings to users when they ping after being asked not to.

    It would make things so much easier if we can turn ping off on replies by default for specific roles, but still allow them to turn it on if they feel they need to.

  • Zaw

    3 years and nothing still?

    From what I've found out, you can block specific @ mentions using the Auto-mod feature, but it does NOT work on the damn replies!!!  I even submitted a bug report months ago.

    Here's all I want as an admin:

    - A way to block ALL pings (including from replies) from specific roles (i.e. [at everyone]), but be able to still be pinged by certain roles (veteran users, moderators, etc.)

    - Or… at least a way to block ALL pings from every reply, regardless of whether the person toggled the ping on/off,


    That's it.  It's a simple request, that I'm sure thousands of people have wanted… and 3 years later we're still forced to receive a ping notification from every random user who hits reply.  Most of them don't even know it pings you, so it's not entirely their fault.  And having to constantly tell people this, should be something admins shouldn't have to do every day!


    Please FIX this already.  And if there is some way to block reply pings, please tell me.

  • prototype464

    Someone in a community I'm in just notified me of a “Focus Mode (BETA)" they're adding, which is a new setting I'm not seeing yet because soft feature rollouts (I hate these so much it's not even funny)

    Anyway, it says “Discord will not show in-app, desktop notifications or play message sounds.” on the description. If this mutes reply pings that would be great, but if this also mutes direct @ mentions, I seriously question why the f**k it was done this way because I can name at least 6 or 7 suggestions I've read which would probably be a lot better than just a flat-out global mute.

    Honestly after 3 years of this sh*t I don't want to complain about such a feature, but we ask for a heated blanket (reply pings off by default, reply ping toggle being remembered, being able to mute reply pings specifically, DnD muting reply pings, etc.) and get a bedpan (global mute of ALL pings). Seriously?

  • unidentifiedbody

    Bump because how is this still an issue 3 years later?

    The most minimal fix would be to allow people to change their personal default.

    But tbh I also think not pinging should just be the default for all users. The majority of the time you're providing context to a message rather than trying to get someone's attention, and on the off chance you do want to ping you could just @ the person instead.

  • bencos18

    Yep agreed 

    It's an absolute joke that they can't seem to add a useful feature yet are well able to redesign the entire android app and make it worse

  • Zaw

    Hi.   Fix this already.  Thanks.

    Yes, you can mute sounds and alerts from pings.  No, you can't block the red warning indicator saying you have an "important" message.  And if I mute the server, I can't even see which channels have highlights.  That is NOT an answer to this problem.

    This is a huge problem for me as a server admin.  Anytime I see the red notification, I have to wonder:  Is this important, that someone needs me to ban a spammer, or is this just some random noob replying with ”ok!"  for something completely unimportant.  Really aggravating.

    PLEASE ADD BETTER OPTIONS TO BLOCK PINGS.  The best solution (to me) is to add permissions to block pings from certain ranks of users, or locally on the client.  Ideally, I would only want pings from veteran users on the server, and not every random that joins.

  • prototype464

    This marks year 2 of literally begging for this Godforsaken issue to be fixed. Give us a way to mute REPLY MENTIONS. PLEASE!?


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