The new Reply feature is really bad. But I have an idea.


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  • Voverė

    Your solution kind of confuses me. I don't immediately understand which part is the message replied to, which part is the reply itself. It looks like you took the original Quote system above and the new reply system in the middle and then some text below. Which of the 3 parts is which? Is the bottom part a response or a new message altogether? Is the middle part the message replied to or a reply?

    I'm assuming the top part is the message replied to, the middle part is the reply and the bottom part is an unrelated message. Even if I'm right, it took me a while to figure it out and even now I'm not 100% sure if I understood it correctly. That's maybe due to the fact that you chose a layout that immediately makes me associate both the top part and the middle part as messages being responded to.

    Also, I don't entirely understand whether your idea allows quote editing and other things.

    From what I can see in general, is that the simplest solution right now would be to allow both replies and quotes coexist. Replies could be updated and improved in the future and if they improve to the point that quotes are no longer necessary, quotes could be removed then. But as of right now, the few improvements that replies provide do NOT justify the removal of quotes.


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