iPad Predictive Text/Edit Controls Bar Covers Settings Button



  • LankyDisc977698
    that’s a great idea I like it
  • phteven

    This also happens when using the message input box in Slideover mode and its super annoying. I can only see half of the text because the rest is covered up by the edit bar. It’s an obscure problem to have but I bet lots of ipad users likely use the app in slideover mode.

  • TheTim

    There's a duplicate post about this same issue over here. You can see what it looks like, and this is still true with the latest Discord release on iPadOS 13.4:

    Other chat apps all seem to do what the OP suggests, just move the text entry box up higher to avoid this issue.

  • Josh 🍋

    Can also confirm this happens on my iPad. Quite annoying, especially when you want to use PTT. Typing and using PTT is pretty much impossible.


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