Go back to the "quote" system instead of the "answer" system!



  • the cooler dream

    thank you! the reply feature is absolutely idiotic and redundant for so many reasons!!

    quotes were so much more concise to use: you could quote an entire message and it would show the whole message text instead of trailing off halfway through the message, and you could cut out parts of the message that were unrelated to what you were responding to. it was a lot easier to erase a ping from the message rather than having to press an on/off button to not ping whoever you're responding to.

    additionally, quotes are SO much more conducive to backreading a log, especially for people who don't feel like jumping around a conversation to see "oh this person said this, let me check the message they were responding to," because quotes put the whole message text right there for someone to read, with the added benefit of having the response right there completely visible underneath it.

    there was no reason to remove the quote function and replace it with the stupid reply "feature."

    they could change the message link feature from being 80 characters long to something much shorter to make it take up WAY less space on a message, and it would be so much easier to quote someone with an autolink at the top or bottom of the quote, and it could even be revamped to be more clear such as:

    > <message link>
    > USER said at TIME:
    > quoted text
    quoter's response

    replies are obnoxiously irritating at best and downright horrible at worst. we don't need to see someone's icon in a reply! it gives no useful information, showing someone's icon and the first ~5 words in someone's message and linking back to the message they're replying to.

    there was no need to replace something that was not broken! there was no need to practically purge it! it is incredibly annoying to have to manually copy and paste someone's ENTIRE message onto a > marked line to quote them, press enter again to start a new line, and then have to backspace to separate your response from the quote. this was a nonissue with quotes because it automatically quoted with the > markdown and started a new line with a ping for who you were quoting.

    i legitimately hate this new "feature" and i wish they never added it. at the BARE MINIMUM they should re-introduce the quote functionality on right-clicking messages. replies are overwhelmingly annoying and obnoxiously minimalist.

  • vvx

    i cant even see replies on my phone bc my app is too old :/ i only see a pencil icon w/o any message of any kind


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