• Arthmoor

    Count me on board with this as well. If you're going to make this a UI toggle, default it to OFF though because leaving it the way it is now is annoying pretty much everyone I know who wasn't a heavy IRC user back in the day.

    Doubly helpful if an option can be added to the server settings as well so you can either set it to OFF by default or disable reply pings entirely on a server.

  • WolfInHiding

    I agree with the above. Give us an option to OPT-IN on it please and a server option as well.

  • Ichiaval

    I would love it if you could opt in to pinging someone as opposed to having to opt out every time I use it..

  • PanFrie

    ppllzzzzz make it off by default!!!!  most replies are to people that are actively in the room, and dont need a notification for it.

  • Astaroth

    I forget to turn off pinging every time, I need this setting thank you.

  • Tsumitsuki^^

    Second this!
    It's a pain to remember it every time.
    Opt-in or as a Account and Server-Setting.
    So everyone can decide it for itself and as serveradmin tun it off if the comunity is pretty big.

    My server is using the reply-feature all the time and sometimes you have like hundets of pings :/

  • Anbaric

    Not sure why pinging was made the default, anyone with user experience would have been able to tell you that that would get annoying fast. Don't know why this only has 6 comments

    I 100% support making non-pinging the default, and if not, at least adding a config option

  • TheSheepster

    A simply default option makes it so much easier for replies to happen faster, and have less accidental replies to things.

    I like how users used to reply through @mentioning them, but now they use the 'reply' feature. Reply should be defaulted to 'no-ping' or at least have a setting to toggle the default.

  • ra6bit

    Please fix this, I'm constantly pinging people by accident because I forget about the gotcha button. I almost -never- want to ping the person with a reply. 

  • Kielan

    Reply ping just becomes a nice harassment tool, misused and needs to have an option to be turned off...

    x (x)
  • Trazos_D

    Pings ON by default is ok.
    Defaulting them OFF has no sense at all as replies are meant to call the attention to that specific msg.

    In any case, prevent the ping notification to happen if the replied msg is still on screen.

  • Whoever gets amused by pings can just mute notifications, mute servers, mute channels...

    Muting servers/channels does nothing but make it so there's no sound, plus you won't know when new messages are sent there. You still get an annoying red circle and on mobile for some reason you still get a notification. (for me at least)

    Replies are meant to call attention and say "hey! here I'm replying to you" or "here we continue our convo".

    Replies aren't only meant to call attention, in fact, they are more often used to make clear what message you are talking about, in which a ping is not necessary.

    It's a hassle to remember to disable pings every single time which piles up in annoyance. There's a reason why pings are annoying, and this would just be a quality of life change.

  • Jahandar

    It's very rare that I need a reply ping to get someone's immediate attention. Nearly always it's just to provide context for what I'm responding to.

  • Garret Polk

    Can "off" just be the default?? I've been pinging people on reply for MONTHS now and didn't know. Someone just told me about the feature having an on/off setting and now I feel like a real jerk.

  • Codex

    I'm just here to hop onboard the "off by default" bandwagon. The fact this is on by default is a user experience nightmare to me.

  • Zakkie

    Hopping onboard too, off should be the default honestly. I own a server and very active there, sometimes people reply to me and the notifications are just a bit annoying

  • headdie

    Hey, Discord, this request is over a year old and its still a problem, all we are asking is to give those who dont want to ping by default the option to turn the ping off by default.

    Bonus points if you allow users to set a global setting that they dont want to be pinged by replies.  I know the whole ping rage is a meme these days but it came from genuine irritation at being pinged.

  • Trazos_D

    this request is over a year old and its still a problem

    Maybe being completely ignored for an entire year is enough of a reason to consider it is not the "big" problem some people think it is.

    Just saying.

  • Jahandar

    Still a problem here. Everyone I know who's had anything to say about it hates this.

    Discord ignoring it for a year doesn't mean the problem went away.

  • headdie


    That discord hasnt responded in a year tells me is that Discord devs are another case of "We did the feature now time to move onto the next shiny thing."

    as for why it is needed, I hate pinging people unless I have a good reason, because I very much dislike being pinged unless it is import and using the reply feature to respond to a shitpost made 10 posts ago so that my comment has context absolutely does not warrant a ping, which btw is the main reason I use the reply feature.

  • Matcha Soft Cream

    Oh my God is the feature not here yet? I combed through the Setting thinking it would be there before checking this thread.

  • jameswilletts

    Wow. It's been a year and this is still not a thing? After how many software updates? I'm not a programmer, but how hard is this to make an app setting? An option to turn reply pings off by default? 

    Post those twitter links and I'll retweet, as well! Keep the faith, gang. 

  • QXTR

    Can only second this. Keep up the pressure, fellow commenters! This is an important feature request!

  • Bulby

    As a programmer, it's not very hard. This gist has only around 14 lines of real code: IMO replies shouldn't be able to ping at all; Only typing out a users name with an @ infront should work, as it makes it more clear you intentionally pinged, and requires one to think about their decision to ping.

  • lestrange1

    Agree this should be a thing. Ability to turn off auto-reply pings per channel at a minimum. We already have @ names and roles to ping people, 
    Users can shift + click on reply to reply without pinging, but this seems backwards to me, noping should have been the default there. 

  • DaWah

    Did this ever get added?!

  • Trazos_D

    Gladly nope. Which is the best thing to see.

  • Jahandar

    Imagine trolling a thread and writing multiple badly written paragraphs about something that wouldn't affect you in the slightest.

    This feature is badly needed, for the many reasons already given.

  • Trazos_D

    "Badly needed"
    That's why it has been ignored for 2 years. ye ye.. really needed 😂🤣


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