Replies: remember @ setting



  • Nano

    It'd be nice if this could be role-based on a server (off-by-default/disabled ping for a role) and/or set by preference in the user settings (off by default, remember, or on by default).

  • AshersLab

    definitely would rather a preference in user settings to always be off / on / remember

  • AdamMiner

    Yeah, most of the time, I'm just trying to preserve context in my replies; I find the ping to the other user is needed less often than the 50% that it would make sense to default to "on"

  • Saksham4106

    have seen people warned because they forget to turn off ping while replying.... should definitely make it permanently togglable

  • Iniquity

    I agree, I just planned to write that there should be a default ping setting: ping or not ping when quoting.

  • Teamy

    How is this still not a thing?

  • gigaherz

    PLEASE make this happen.

  • JohnyDL

    So this should be a setting in 3 places:
    As a Server running person Do I want my members default bothered with @ Replies. I can turn this off for my server.
    As a User Do I want to be bothered by @ Replies. I can turn this off for my account.
    As a User Do I want to default annoy people with @ Replies. I can have QOL rather than having to remember every time
    Only if ALL of these are "YES" should @ replies have auto on for pings
    When turning the notification on it should give a warning "This server would rather you didn't ping people with replies" or "This user has requested not to be pinged by replies" depending on why the ping has been turned off. People still can do it but this gives people the QOLs that're needed, and makes pinging people a deliberate choice not a stupid default, especially when I'm being @ed for a conversation that's ongoing and someone just wants to reply to a specific point not to intentionally ping for attention

  • nokko

    Please make this happen.

  • Lairai

    I can't believe I had to search for a thread this old to find this topic lol

    This would be such a drastic change for the better when it comes to Discord replies. From my experience, in the vast majority of cases, people forget to turn the reply tag off and end up tagging the person by accident, which becomes an issue in busy channels especially. One could argue that yes, threads could potentially help mitigate that, but then there is the issue of not wanting to have dozens of random "just chatting" threads archived in one channel.

    People get warned for including the "everyone" tag in their message, so obviously unnecessary pings are a concern, in which case replies should have a setting to prevent tags where they're not needed or wanted too. That, or the tag could be turned off by default, and you'd have to enable it for the reply to ping the user.


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