Please Bring back Quote



  • Kawsy

    You can still quote manually. To do so use ">" and a space before the message you want to quote. If it is multiple lines you can use ">>>" and a space before the message. 

  • Wayland

    Kawsy you fail to realize that it is not the quote syntax that is missing it is the quote feature that automatically copies the contents of the message you select for you, and more importantly includes any message formatting you may want to take a peek at which is especially important when exploits using them crop up. 

  • Timelord

    I agree. The replacement provides a hotlink that skims up to the replied post, which is extremely annoying. There is absolutely no reason not to have both, and IMO, Quote is far superior. It did not require copying blocks and manually adding a mention, then formatting it. The present 'reply' option can scan back hundreds of posts and cause absurd amounts of jumping. 


    I would like to revert to a version with quoting, as this is just awful. 

  • Changeling

    I agree with this need. The "Reply" feature isn't quite what people seem to need at present. The "Quote" feature was very functional.

  • Timelord

    Actually, just print the entire replied message. My main issue is that you cut it off at about 100 char, rather than posting the entire block. This is not twitter. If the reply block posted the quoted msg verbatim, with formatting, AND linked to the OP, that would suffice us. 

  • Syntax

    Another issue with "reply" is you cannot delete the original message.


    Please bring it back. "Quote" was useful to keep certain channels clean, and still have the original message text as reference. This is impossible with "Reply" as if you delete the original message you lose the text in all replies too it.

  • Arlothia

    YES PLEASE!!!!!!

    The quote feature has so much going for it - you just had to press one button and you could quote the entire message and NOT have it cut off, meaning you didn't have to get flung up who knows how far up the feed and get cut off from the present conversation.

    Now, in order to get that same format, you have to go through all the hullabaloo of copy+pasting and highlighting and choosing the quote message feature.

    Now, I don't have discord on my phone, so I don't know how this converts to that format, but for me, on a desktop/laptop, I have to:

    1. click+drag to highlight
    2. ctrl+c
    3. click in my message box
    4. ctrl+v
    5. click+drag to highlight AGAIN
    6. click the " button
    7. click to the end of the quoted bit
    8. shift+enter
    9. start typing my message
    10. click+drag MY message to highlight since it's STILL in the quoted format
    11. click the " button to un-quote my message

    That's INSANE!!! Yes, I know you can do the whole >+space thing, but let's look at THAT shall we?

    1. click+drag to highlight
    2. ctrl+c
    3. click in my message box
    4. shift+period (to make the >)
    5. space
    6. ctrl+v
    7. shift+enter
    8. start typing my message
    9. click+drag MY message to highlight since it's STILL in the quoted format
    10. click the " button to un-quote my message

    It's only ONE step better than the way I do it and I have to remember which carrot it is I'm supposed to use.


    Just press one single button and it takes care of ALL of the above steps for you 😱 Go figure!!

    The vertical line before the quoted message was perfectly fine as an indicator that it was someone else's message and I never heard anyone complain about it EVER!! It's worked for years. If it ain't broke, DON'T CHANGE IT! 

    Some people like the reply feature, and that's fine - no one is saying you can't have both. The more options the merrier! 

    So please, PLEASE bring back Quotes!!! I'm not trying to be mean or nasty with this message, I'm just annoyed that this change was brought upon us without any discussion or choice or warning and I'm trying to show how Quote is a better feature for many users.

  • Gaster_

    I really don't get why the Quote feature was removed in the first place, it worked perfectly fine the way it was. Why remove a feature and replace it with an inferior system that also is far more difficult and uncomfortable to use???

    Before the removal, all you had to do on PC was:

    - right-click the message to be quoted

    - click quote

    - write reply and send

    Done. Easy as that. You were able to tell what the context of the previous message was, directly in front of you.

    The new system does the exact opposite. Instead of giving you the previous message while also letting you stay where the real time conversation happens, it flings you up the conversation, thus creating a disconnect from the ongoing conversation. this is neither convenient nor superior to the previous system.

    The others in this thread said it so often already, this is not twitter (and even twitter has embedded quotations/retweets) and discord has a far superior amount of characters to use, so why be cheap with the amount of letters being shown while also ripping you out of the ongoing conversation?

    Right now the people on different servers I am part of use screenshots to reply as the new system is even inferior to that technique.


    Please developers, give us back the quotations as the new system just doesn't cut it. Don't change the system just for changes sake. Optimize the old system of you want if you think the quotations need work (which they don't if you ask me), but don't outright remove it.

  • Amaryllion

    Oh, please yes, bring back quote as before! I do have to quote manually now because I do not want to reply to the whole message, I need snippets to reply to!


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