Please bring the quote back!



  • Kawsy

    You can still quote. You just need to add the ">" symbol and then spacebar for a single line quote. You can also use ">>>" and spacebar for a multiple line quote. Just do these before the message.

  • neuroticanarchy

    in my opinion it's not a good system as it is now. the new reply does not flow at all. I don't like it. that's why I don't use it.

  • Giostice

    Kawsy But that's a waste of time compared to how it used to be

  • Peter Kitsuné

    The quote system is especially useful for server admins etc. who wish to copy a channel info/instruction message (including formatting) after the person who made that message has left (or simply when they are offline due to time zones and it is urgent, I'm GMT, most folks are EST...).

    Edit: Yes I know you can copy paste to get message content copied, but that doesn't copy message formatting.

    Edit2: Perhaps more commonly, you want to quote part of a really long message. I don't do that very frequently, but it seems like what more people would do.


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