Discord on Apple M1 Devices




  • Ritz

    I am even more shocked that they haven't even said a word about it honestly.

    We don't if they're doing it and it's taking longer than expect, if they aren't doing it yet because of reason x, y or z, if they don't wanna do it at all, it's such a weird situation, 0 communication with the community...

  • mgo

    I wrote support a month ago or so, You know, they'll "pass my idea about native M1 support with the team" 🤦‍♂️

    Y'all know what that means, just get used to this piece of bloated electron junk heating up Your motherboard for another year until Apple pulls the plug on Rosetta 2.


    I'll make sure to pass your idea about native support for M1 Macs with the team, but as mentioned, it would also help if you could vote up the suggestion at feedback.discordapp.com since feedback contributes greatly to our decision making of which features and fixes to implement in the future based on what our community wants!

  • asportnoy

    That's crazy! I did the same thing twice and got the exact same response both times! It's almost as if they don't care and don't listen!

  • mikki♡

    +1000 for native app, for power efficiency and fast respond and load time (in case of zillion messages and threads in large community). M1 is insane and it can only improve from here. so a native app for any future Mx is inevitable. 

  • dudeguypal

    I was wondering if Discord has said anything about this yet. It’s been a year since the first M1 macs have been released.

  • gochuJIEang


    Apparently, Dropbox doesn't support M1 Macs yet, either.

    It's possible that Discord is having the same challenges as Dropbox is, whatever those challenges are. Readers in the thread have some insightful conjectures as to what might be taking so long.

  • Lbibass

    gochuJIEang that's not the case at all. Dropbox still doesn't support M1 macs properly because they want to keep using kexts. Apple has come up with a whole framework for this, and other developers have made apps to use it. 

    https://www.expandrive.com/strongsync/ is a good example of that. 

    Imagine a third party developer making a better client for your service than you can. 

  • Centzontotochtin

    just use the web version, it's way faster and native

  • Mulan

    I'm using barkbork's app. It works really nicely. It makes you realise how much of a web app Discord is behind the scenes. That is not a criticism, in fact it makes sense, but it begs the question, why is it taking the official Discord app so long? I thought the whole point of using Electron and cross platform web based technologies is that making these sorts of transitions should be relatively simple.

  • dt

    it's eating too much memory on rosetta.

  • HeySora

    +1 for a native app.. using the browser for now but it's not practical.

    I do not get why Discord is using outdated versions of Electron. Even Arch Linux has an AUR package, replacing Discord's Electron by the latest one. https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/discord_arch_electron/

  • DefineOutside

    +1 All my other installed apps are M1 native, discord is the last without a native app

  • kode54

    HeySora That Electron native package is the same architecture as the official app. It still supports (and requires) the native modules acquired by the official app. It's not just a simple web wrapper around the web client, it uses the same Electron app as the official one, just with the system Electron.

    A native M1 client will require Discord to produce native builds of the 5 Node modules they fetch post-install and again periodically as they're updated.

  • asportnoy

    It’s been like a year and a half. There should be absolutely no reason Discord wouldn’t be able to make an M1 version after this long. They simply just don’t care.

  • kirot


    Exactly! The question has been "why has Discord been taking so long", when the question should be "why hasn't discord started".

  • naavi_

    While Discord is an electron app not every part of discord is pure javascript and electron. It also includes libraries, that are compiled native stuff (for performance reasons) and that's mostly the stuff that is not available or doesn't work as good in the web-version of discord. And like in every software not everything used by the discord app is created by the discord team. They use 3rd-party libraries like everyone. 

    One quick example: h264 codec. It's not available in the web version. the desktop version says it's using the openh264 video codec by Cisco. If you check the github page of the openh264 codec you can see, that it seems to be possible to build this codec on Apple Silicon but there is no macos-arm release yet. The next release (2.1.2) is supposed to get macos-arm support, but it's not out yet. And while discord could build this open source library by itself, most companies only use stable releases of third-party stuff for their software for valid reasons.

    So I could imagine that they maybe have looked into it and done their part (like updating electron to a version that supports macos-arm) but are still waiting for external dependencies to update their stuff.

    However, since they don't tell us anything, we simply don't know. I mean, come on discord, just put a static page online that says "We are working on it." and we would be a bit happier..

  • ethanent

    +1 for this. Discord runs significantly faster when optimized for Apple Silicon. (Better than on all of my other devices.)

  • B E C H

    There is an unofficial Discord M1 version out!

    The performance is much snappier for me and it uses wayyy less ram.


    (This is not made by me, but by barkbork)

  • imabhaysutar

    B E C H would also like to appreciate the fact that barkbork brought a dev account to release signed packages and he is actively fixing issues and adding features like auto updates etc. 

  • donjon

    +1 native.  through rosetta isn't, like, just the worst, but i'm seriously inclined to use the web client most of the time instead.

  • moon

    Literally got a new macbook pro last week and was shocked to find that discord hadn't made a universal/apple silicon app yet

  • DIRTdriv3r

    Would it be any good using Nativefier (https://github.com/nativefier/nativefier) to create a "Native desktop app" from the Discord Web version?

    Nativefier is native Apple Silicom. (xDiscord being the Nativefier version)

  • Gnamily

    Some people have already built a "Native Desktop App" based on the web version. It isn't perfect but the most maintained and stable version is barkbork's one here : https://github.com/yannhodiesne/Discord-M1/releases/tag/v1.6.2 

  • MaxwellOz

    Any updates on if this will be coming soon? Really keen to get the native version of Discord running on new MBP :) 

  • MaxwellOz

    Dropbox announced m1 support is coming in 2022 https://www.macobserver.com/news/dropbox-ceo-supporting-apple-silicon/

  • Greg | icemining

    +1 for native support

  • Doctorj1

    One of the Discord devs has confirmed a native M1 client is coming "soon" on Reddit:

  • Aranom

    It really is quite sad that this is the most official communication we've ever had on this

  • RandomPendragon

    they can't hold this off any longer now with the release of the new Macs. Pros won't be happy without native support. Happy for this.. 1 less Intel App on my Mac "soon".

  • Kebian

    The fact that Apple M1 users are a proportionately smaller user base shouldn't matter.  The whole point of making an Electron app is portability and other Electron apps work very well on Apple Silicon.


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