Discord on Apple M1 Devices




  • Macqael

    It's actually possible to have a tird party app who is exactly the same (in appearance) of Discord it's named SingleBox All-in-One Messenger (universal app).

    Tuto to do that :

    1. Download it from the store.

    2. Launch it and add discord (connection and so on).

    3. Close orange/green Banner and oppen the settings of the app.

    4. Check menu bar icon.

    5. Uncheck Show sidebar.

    6. Check show title bar.

    7. Click on restart now and quit now.

    8. Relaunch it (step 7 close it but never reopen it).

    9. Enjoy a native app who show like discord without eating all your ram.

  • asportnoy

    Macqael there are many apps like that. My issue with them is that they use the web version of Discord, which is missing certain features such as right click on certain elements, keybinds, and a couple other things.

  • Macqael

    asportnoy True but the web version in this app is still faster and more smooth than the official rosetta2's discord.

  • flying_sausages

    Someone built an AS binary that is able to do screen-sharing, voice, and supports the right-click menus too. https://github.com/331leo/Discord-M1

  • Zenuko

    flying_sausages "screen-sharing, voice, and supports the right-click menus" -> Not working. Please try it by yourself before posting. I'm using Mac OS 11.2.3 and none of these things are working (except voice (and still)).

  • JanJanRunRun

    I would guess it is not as easy as you think. Discord does depend on a lot of third party software libraries which  are not always availabe for an arm chip like the M1. For example Krisp and also the part which determines that you speak. These third party libraries are often precompiled components.

    Also there are a ton of new features and improvments in every release. A whole port to another processor platform just is not the scope at the moment. Not if you have to refactor whole bunch of crucial features. If you have an deployment process with testing you have to buy m1 machines and integrate these. Also how to put an electron app with arm and intel version together? This is not trivial.

    So be kind to discord and be patient. I am sure if the dust of the new M1 platform settles down and new devices are coming from apple Discord will most likely deliver. And so long the Rosetta version is working just fine.

  • Lumino

    @JanJanRunRun It does NOT "run fine" on Rosetta though, and it has been >7 months since Electron added support for M1, and >6 months since several other large electron based projects started supporting M1. 

    edit: Even if we assume that some of the libraries were not compatible, I'm sure most people would be more than happy to use a limited version of discord without (the garbage) krisp, until they are ported properly.

    That is what Adobe did with Photoshop, some functions were not fully ported initially, but instead of waiting until they had everything ready they did an early release without them

  • JanJanRunRun

    Lumino 6 Months in Software Development is not a long time and you are right a good communicated trimmed down release would have been nice.

    Communication is key and this is the one thing which was not handled good by Discord.

  • Mik Prat Rel

    The M1 has been out for 8 months but it was announced and tools for developers released months prior to that, at WWDC 2020, so they have had over a year. No more excuses or apologies, please — it's long overdue!

  • erica

    JanJanRunRun It is unacceptable, considering it is indeed trivial to package an Intel and Apple Silicon binary in the same app. It is one extra command in CI to merge both builds into a single package.

    Apple Silicon as a development target has been around for over a year considering the Developer Transition Kit and consumer devices.

    Every single competitor to Discord is already done with this transition, including more complex competitors.

  • colourfullyy

    +1 for native app

  • JanJanRunRun

    hey eri (sorry, cannot quote you, because apperantly there are a lot eris), that is not entirely true. Looking at you Microsoft Teams. So as long as you see Teams as a competitor.

    Since there is so much energy in this topic maybe someone wants to turn it into positive change: https://discord.com/jobs

    btw. I am in no way asscociated to Discord

  • Squirrel

    JanJanRunRun Well, ARM64 is just another architecture. Discord isn't really some low systems software, so if their dependencies are not a complete mess it should really be a matter of recompiling them. There might be bugs, of course, and perhaps it would take a month or two to fix them.

    Ofc, if there are proprietary code being used Discord would have to work with the vendor and get them supply software that works on the M1. But again, it shouldn't take that long. Writing architecture independent code in C++ is a fairly common.

    I worked on a operating system once. We ported to arm. Most of our code compiled cleanly on ARM, the boot loader was a completely different story, naturally, but discord doesn't have any of that. There might be things using x86 specific hardware (noise cancellation, screen grabbing), but again, it should be a matter of weeks. Others have managed to do so. Even slack got their shit together fairly quickly.

  • Harkon

    Perhaps someone of the official Discord Stuff will notice that this is the third most commented-on thread on this forum...

    But at the moment I doubt it. After getting access to the Sparkmail Beta today Discord is the last App I use that hasn't been optimised for Apples new M1 architecture.



  • MattBDev

    Considering they don't even have a 64-bit app for Windows I don't expect M1 support to come soon either. 

  • PineberryFox

    MattBDev that's a completely different situation. Running a 32-bit Windows app on 64-bit Windows incurs no performance penalty, and often results in performance gains since more fits in cache. Support will always be present, and developers are repeatedly told to release 32-bit versions unless a 64-bit version is necessary.

    Meanwhile, running an Intel app through Rosetta emulation definitely comes with a huge performance hit. Chrome's native M1 version is 80% faster, using an arm-native Java runtime for minecraft increases performance from 60fps to a couple hundred, and in any case power consumption is reduced significantly.

  • ceph3us

    They already have a 64-bit version for Mac, because Rosetta doesn't run 32-bit apps, and nor does macOS 10.15 or 11 on Intel Macs.

  • Anne

    It seems that someone working for Discord has made a statement?


    We are currently working on upgrading Electron to v13 which will let us compile a M1 build. But, that upgrade is very unstable as of current. If you use the canary client, you'll know :P It's not good, and very far way from being ready for stable release channel.

    Also FWIW, the app store screenshot you posted looks to just be the mobile app running on a M1 laptop via Catalyst: https://developer.apple.com/mac-catalyst/

  • erica

    The response to this has been pathetic. Seems they're entirely focused on rebranding and monetization, adding new Nitro features and such, instead of focusing on delivering a functional product.

  • 4pollo

    the garbage thing about all of this is that they HAVE an AARCH64 version that works on my M1 iPad JUST FINE. Let us download the version from the iPad App Store and run it natively... FFS.


    +1 for native client OR GIVE US THE IPAD VERSION ON THE APP STORE.

  • esty

    Eh, the iPad version scales pretty badly on anything bigger than an iPad (even on my 13” iPad Pro tbh) and it’s missing some stuff, but at least it’s way more power efficient and fast than the terrible emulated desktop version 


    And it actually does run sideloaded if you’re on an older version of macOS, though I wouldn’t recommend it because those versions didn’t have the fix for the SSD wear IIRC 

  • vinci

    I'm not sure about the others, perception is of course subjective, but in my case the discord app works quite badly (macbook pro m1 13 inches, 16GB RAM). Very high latency. It takes around 5 seconds to start, up to 2 seconds to choose a server, then it starts working faster, but you can still sense the latency, it's not smooth.

    By contrast the website (using Firefox) works perfectly.

  • giohunte

    +1 for native app

  • JanJanRunRun

    Now I have a blocker issue on my M1, too. Growing Latency. At the beginning of joining a channel everything is fine, but after some minutes my voice is severly delayed. So much that no normal conversation is possibly anymore. After rejoining it starts again with being fine and getting bad pretty soon.

    Tested with release and canary. The problem was not there at the beginning of my M1 journey. It has to be introduced in one of the later updates of Discord or macOS.

  • seti.seta

    I think Discord just don't care about Mac Users.. I send them a mail, I tweeted (https://twitter.com/felixwttr/status/1410905713140981763?s=21) to them two times and never even got a reply. 

    Apple Silicon is, al least for Apple and Macs, the Future. It's a shame that discord still is not giving any official statement or information. The MacBook Pro M1 is such a powerful device and discord is lagging in cause of the emulation. I need Discord for Twitch, Developing and connections with friends and right now it is not fun using it. It's frustrating.

  • friksa

    I was able to get in contact with their support team and they are waiting for Electron 13 to be stable first before releasing M1 support.

  • Aranom

    At least they're finally updating Electron. Discord's version was embarrassingly old

  • thinkdani-

    I know that they might be working on the M1 support but over the past week or so Spotify now has a beta version for the M1 support which is finally good. Now that leaves Discord for me to wait on. 

  • 3

    I was able to get in contact with their support team and they are waiting for Electron 13 to be stable first before releasing M1 support.

    Curious what they are waiting for … 13.0 came out at the end of May as the official "stable version" and has had many updates since. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

  • seti.seta

    Curious what they are waiting for … 13.0 came out at the end of May as the official "stable version" and has had many updates since. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

    True.. So I' m just starting to get frustrated. I am disappointed by discord


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