why 100MB limit? Why not Unlimited space?



  • clout

    oh well if you are down to pay +$200 for your nitro subscription monthly so discord can have bigger servers?
    you know, discord is not a file-host that is dedicated to handle and store big files. it’s only allowing you to upload small clips or something, and that’s it.
    Imagine they actually have these big servers, what if Discord dies one day? they would loose hella money in these months because no one is paying for their big servers anymore, and that would be kind of bad tbh

    just think about what you are saying, before you say it. I have no idea what kind of 4k 60fps clips you can’t upload, but i’d suggest you to use the „unlisted video“ option on youtube

    have a great day sir

  • Tuganu

    well your name is a definition of defending a company with greed and won't do anything to make things better. the money should not be what matters the most. stop defending money.

  • 6584

    Yeah, but Discord will just lose money if users keep uploading so much that they can’t afford to keep up.

    Compress the video. If that isn’t enough and the channel isn’t too active, split it and send the clips in separate messages.

    Or use YouTube to host your video, their upload size limit is 128 GB.


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