Option to only use the ping motification for the first unread message



  • Koa

    You can always use Do Not Disturb, Sometimes people are busy, They answer their friends DMs and then move onto another window, Then if they hear another ping they can go back, Or maybe they arent even there, And once thy're back from doing their stuff, They will hear the pings and go answer them!

    You can also turn down Discord's Volume in Volume Settiings of Windows, Sometimes it can be too loud and messy for you, But lowering it might make it a better experience


    It's just my opinion though, Hope it helps with your problem!

  • Waela

    No, see, you don't understand. I want a ping. I really really really want to know when my friends are chatting. But there's no option to only ping at the start of the conversation, instead of every message. That's what's annoying. I will frequently tab away to do something else (like play a fullscreen game) and I want to know I've been replied to so I can respond. Having to switch DND off and on constantly is incredibly annoying. Not to mention my preferred status is Invisible... 

    And the rest of your comment is incoherent and does not relate to what I'm asking at all...

    For clarity, I want 1 ping. Not 100 pings for the same conversation.

  • Koa

    I do understand your situation, What I mean is that Discord will not add it most probably


    It's like a Phone Notification, If you have your phone notifications on, It will beep beep everytime they send you a message, I'm just throwing out some ''solutions'' so it doesn't bothers you at all, The best you can do is just lower the volume so it comes less irritating

    Althought yeah I agree with your idea but it just doesn't makes it a Notification and I believe almost nobody reads the amazing ideas over here, Maybe you can just mute Discord and if you have a phone turn it on and put it somewhere in your Desktop, So while you're playing you can pause every few minutes or look away to your phone to see if they replied to you or not


    Outside that I don't have any other ideas that can help with your problem

  • Waela

    I realise this post is basically screaming into the void, I'm just hoping that if enough people scream into the void loud enough, it'll eventually be noticed.

    The problem is that the solutions you suggest have so far all been things I'm already doing. And I'm still irritated. I always have my phone nearby and the vibrations aren't any less annoying than the ping noise itself. What bothers me isn't so much the noise as the fact that I'm getting pinged for 100 times for 1 conversation. 

    Again, I'm already doing everything I can think of to mitigate the issue, it's just not enough.

  • Koa

    I'm not even screaming, Just throwing options, If you have already done them then alright, Didn't knew that


    If anything you can ask your friends to type in one message, Because if they send











    Instead of typing it in an essay


    We do know the option won't get implemented (or maybe yes) so that's why I just threw some help that can be helpful, and if it isn't, alright then, just hope you can find a solution for it or Discord adds said option


    I personally find it kinda dumb since its just a ping and even if it plays 100 times per second it would be fine for me since I use 10% of volume, But I'm aware it isnt your case so I'm just trying to get into your feet

    If that last one doesn't helps in anyways then sorry, Again, Hope you find a solution or get used to it

  • Waela

    I didn't accuse you of screaming? I said that about my own post... But alright.

    I may end up asking them to change their style eventually. The worst offender in that respect is currently going through a very rough spot, in multiple ways. I don't want to do anything that might discourage them from speaking about their troubles. Maybe once they've recovered a bit, but right now? No.

    I think we're having a similar understanding issue as I've had before with other people. Long story short, yes, it really does bother me that badly, I'm aware it might not bother other people, but it does bother me.

    It's the act of being pinged a 100 times in a row when it could be avoided that bothers me, not the noise it makes or the notifications it send. Any solutions you can come up with, I've probably already tried, I get inventive when I'm desperate. They don't really help. The only thing that has has been muting the servers I'm in and ensuring I don't get pinged, which rather defeats the purpose of the ping.

    Though the fact that you do not understand the issue at all makes me wonder if this is an autism thing... That usually seems to be the case when something bothers me and the people around me don't understand what the issue is.

  • Koa

    Don't include autism here, It's not that I don't understand, The issue is that my help doesn't helps you

    It sounded like you were telling me about the scream thing, So I just assumed it wrong


    You just threw up the idea because it really bothers you to have 100 pings, Althought I don't have idea how many servers or friends you have to get 100 in a row honestly, It's probably not literal but still it would be alot to just say 100 pings in a row


    Again, Sorry that my solutions doesn't helps, I replied you since nobody did and tried to help, But if it doesn't helps then alright, Gg well played

  • Waela

    Ah, yes, let's not include a fundamental aspect of my being here. Wonderful idea. /s

    It's not hard to get a hundred pings in a row when literally every message pings. All it takes is one conversation. I was being quite literal when I said 100, even underestimating. 

    The current options are 'get a ping for every message sent' and 'find out about the conversation 3 hours after its end because there was no ping'. I've mostly settled for the latter and checking neurotically. But I don't want to have to settle for the latter, I want an in between option. That's what this post was about. And it's now become clear that you really didn't understand.

    This conversation is going nowhere, I say end it here. Have a nice day.


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