Option to turn off GIF autoplay



  • Zxello

    If you go into the discord settings, and click Text and Images.. You should be able to switch off showing pictures that are sent as links, which gifs mostly are.

  • TheLittlestPyro

    That option exists, yeah, but I still want to be able to see static images. "Don't see images at all unless you follow a link" is a janky stopgap, not a solution.

  • Halvorson

    To disable GIF animations completely, open Internet Explorer, click the settings menu icon, and select “Internet Options.” Click over to the “Advanced” tab, scroll down to the “Multimedia” section, and uncheck the “Play Animations in Webpages” option.






  • TheLittlestPyro

    Thanks, but this is an issue with the mobile app having GIFs, not the browser version. (Also, Internet Explorer?)

  • Hyde

    This should definitely be a thing. I don't want to stop my members from posting them, and I want to see the animation ... once. I don't want to have a semi-active channel constantly looping the same image while it's on my 2nd monitor. 


    A simple right-click item for "pause media/GIF" would be all we need, similar to browser solutions from long ago. 

  • Makyo

    Today I watched someone unknowingly post a flashing GIF that caused a problem for a member of the server. It would be great to see this addressed for accessibility reasons.

  • DommDynamite

    Just adding my 2 cents to say that I too believe this would be a very nice setting to have. I do not like that I am forced to minimize discord from my second monitor simply because I'm sick of the looping gif distracting me. Love GIFS for the first 4-5 seconds lol not so much hours after the fact. 

    Also, Makyo makes a great point when it comes to flashing GIFs, this becomes an accessibility issue and should be moved up in priority, I would think. 

  • Pieter

    Settings -> accessibility -> disable: automatically play gifs when discord is focused. makes it much better

  • DeathMetalMilkMan

    Want to chime in here and say that a function to turn off autoplay for gifs, much like an option to turn off autoplay for videos on other platforms would be a great accessibility measure.
    A friend of mine has had a number of triggers from fast moving flashing images due to photosensitivity.
    An option in settings to set it as an off preference till you click them would be an amazing feature for so many people.

  • Fred Bubbles

    @Pieter coming in clutch. Thanks for finding that for us!


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