Discord won't help you with your Disabled Account anymore



  • Flamin Ginga

    rip this just happened to me and that's the response i got. I have no idea what i did. It just says harassment. 

  • Addiction

    The reason they are so hard on it is that so many people have alternative accounts and because most with alternative accounts will use them to harass and troll then jump on another one.

  • JaxonWaxon


    Bruh literally just like @Flamin Ginga same as I too.

    We've got harassment out of nowhere, and discord Bots just tell us to "Go F*ck yourself and we won't help you"

    Me just making a new server for testing a brand new server and try make an Gamer server that I had just in mind. Then suddenly Discord just like that, I got "Harassment" for no reason at all. Then the Bot Clyde justified it.

    Even I try digging all answers I found, there nothing to be saved My friends, Acquaintances who have to be know some of an Actual Discord staff and etc.

    Just go look at Twitter

    And then type 3 Words "Discord Disabled Account"

    What most interesting enough in mid 2019 they(Discord) stopped using Human staff and replace with Clyde bot.

    Till this day now many Discord user got banned for got falsified suspended is



    3."Promote Violence,Terrorism or any activity"


    5."Hate Speech"

  • Jonathan Pecany

    Nice, I can abuse this power. Watch out people who decides to cross my path. Muhahahaha.

    I am kidding, I am actually making fun of this whole ideal.


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