Allow servers to have custom @everyone role colors.



  • CatHashimoto

    I 100% agree with you, I want to use the new membership screening feature, but the problem is the role color, and you can't set up auto roles because then they automatically bypass the screening feature. Either do this, or when a user has completed the screening they are automatically assigned a role.

  • chaduos

    CG360 I agree and also disagree. For a couple reasons. 

    No one should move away from having a Member (Default) role. Your entire idea is solved by having one as you can just recolor that role. MEE6 and other notable bots have features which allow you to give a role only after someone agrees to the Rule Membership Screening feature. I would recommend this path for anyone creating a server aiming it to be quite large. 

    On the other hand, I agree in a certain aspect. The color of @everyone should have the ability to changed. I authored an idea 5 months ago which servers could have a colored theme and that would also update the color of @everyone. This is only creative way in my mind you could implement this! 


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