ability to pause gifs in chat



  • Scarlalet


    I just found out, that there actually is an option that make it so that gifs only play, if you hover above it with your mouse.

    You can find it here:

    User Settings -> Text & Images -> turn off "Automatically play GIFs when discord is focused"

  • Kitherit

    I just came to the Discord feedback area to make this same suggestion. Thank you so much for posting the "fix"!! That's perfect!!

  • Kreepingdeth/Xerxar

    This is an OK work around but I would still prefer to see a gif as its posted without having to hover over it, but have the ability to stop/pause it when I get tired of it. Microsoft Teams works this way.

  • bnardus

    I believe that autoplay should be set to off by default instead of the other way around. Also the ability to play and pause on demand will be greatly appreciated as I'm sure not many people know to go into the settings to change this behaviour.

  • Artemis Wildland

    Note, this option has been moved from Text & Images to Accessibility in the most recent updates

  • SirCodesALot

    Was looking for this very same thing - it was distracting for sure and wanted to just pause them.  Any reason this setting can't exist in Accessibility and Text & Images???

  • arfycat

    I propose one simple change:
    Add a play/pause button when you long press (or right click) on a gif. 
    This would simply toggle whether it's animating or not,
    - limited to that gif
    - limited to that session, some span of time, or while that chat is active (similar to how clicking a spoiler goes back to it's default state eventually). 
    The existing setting would still be used by default, e.g. when the chat is opened or when a new gif is posted.

    Basically a "ok, chill out" button.  :o)


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