Add option to make Connections “Friends-Only”



  • DaDevDude

    Havier. Yes, there are ways to report harassment but with all the harassment I get I'd like to be able to be proactive. Also, it's proper to have good privacy features nowadays. On almost every platform I've used I have the option to hide things like my age or town I grew up in from people I don't want to see, I think most people would consider their social media accounts private unless they are an online personality. And most apps let you make certain things visible to just friends. This would be a great feature to just have in general, and one more thing Discord ALSO has in comparison to their competitors.

  • Yume

    I feel like it would be a very great option to add.


    Like a visibility option : "friends-only", "everyone", "hidden"

    It might be a great security feature ! I agree ;)

  • Tony Soprano

    Came to post this as a new topic, will bump this one.

  • 11annguyen

    and also the fact that people use connections to try and phish people out of their steam accounts

  • seven


  • cccmdm

    +1 I would also like to see this feature since I like to make my connections known to people I've friended but not through massive guilds.

  • R E G E X

    Unwanted harassment can simply be reported directly to the Trust and Safety team or by simply blocking them. That's what this button is for after all. 


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