Nitro transfer



  • Glorious Lukashenko

    Yeah, but they should make it so a portion of your nitro can also be traded, e.g., if you have 1 year of nitro, you keep 8 months and give away 4 or something like that

  • BossAwesome

    Yes I realllyyy want this especially since I host giveaways and dont want to get scammed

  • The pope789

    Yes please! ive bought nitro and somehow it got onto another account so this would be helpful

  • ake

    yes there is a need to it. i bought nitro and it got onto my other account

  • BossAwesome

    What it should be is you can make Nitro credit into a new link so if you claim Nitro you can give it to other people, now the only way I can think of this being abused if someone hacked someone elses account but thats a small thing that you shoudlnt have to worry about

  • sanzu

    Eu cliquei em um link de nitro e depois dormir quando eu acordei minha conta tinha sido desativda poderia ativar minha conta novamente alterar a senha e me mandar a nova senha? 

    não quero perder minhas coisas pessoais.
    obrigado equipe do discord.
    (portugues brazil)
  • Shady Goat

    Some accounts get free nitro upon creation. Transferring that would become a major exploit, so if implementing discord should keep in mind that some nitro must be untradable.

  • Majki

    There isnt really need for this And it would definetly get abused s omehow.


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