Hide messages from user without blocking them



  • absolutely radical

    I hate having to block someone if they're just cluttering up a chat I'm trying to read. Making a text mute would be an actual godsend

  • SupaIsaiah016

    we need this

  • Clover

    Please can we get a feature like this where I can hide a post from a user w/o having to block them? I mean, I’m terrified of spiders, if someone in my discord posts a pic of one, I would really like to “hide” that on my end and not have to block the person.

  • Mood

    Yeah I hope they add this feature. I don't want to block some people since I still like them but they tend to get so annoying that I'd rather not see their posts.

  • Notnal

    Yes please, that'd be an awesome feature!

  • BeautyInBlack

    Please do this!!! And just have it be individual messages you can hide and unhide with a simple hold down/right click and click/tap on the hide message option! As well as having a message in it's place saying "This message has been hidden by you"

  • Robert


  • Maria

    Yes please! I just made a similar post on this and I really want to hide a particular person's messages in chat because they are upsetting me but at the same time that person is not only my friend but a moderator of the server I am in, so blocking them is out of the question.

  • Yupiter

    Need this feature definitely !

    I have a friend on our discord that post regularly unwanted messages and I would like so much to mute him sometime.


    We already discussed the topic in the server and we agreed it was too hard to ban it from posting but it still disturb most of us.

  • Katy Baxová

    Yes please!


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