Shorter links / integrated link shortener for messages



  • Castor

    Why is this being downvoted, what the hell? xD

  • Clancy_McLroy

    Bumping the idea, really amazing feature it would be.

  • Jonas - jrodel17


  • Austrian

    Really good ideas !

    Nowadays, we can "quote" messages, but it would be nice if, clicking on the quoted message, we are redirected to this (it would be a really good improvement)

    And I thinked about shorter URLs which could be "" instead of ""

  • djizox

    The markdown format is my favorit :D would be awesome.

  • zverek

    I would most prefer something like option number one, but any kind of auto-shortening that can apply to all Discord-native links (e.g., including attachments) would be best.

  • CroSel

    Make this happen immediately!!! WE NEED IT. PLZ!

  • xLeo

    Please implement this.

    Any link above a certain length could be automatically shortened. :)

  • Arya_2 (Polarbear0)

    Couldn't you make it similar to mentions where it gets sorthened to the name of the user or their nickname

  • Mad Martian

    Definitely an up-vote for #3, this makes sense with the other pseudo-markdown features in Discord.

  • Blue 🔵 파란색

    Definitely an up-vote for #3

    Seems it working sometimes, but only on android devices. Not on computer or IOS-Devices. Please adjust it. Possible?

  • KP0H™

    Bump. It's very need functionality.

  • Tyrisell

    I wish I could upvote this a million times... I REALLY need a way to make links shorter (Particularly when linking Amazon/shopping links which are laden with S-O-M-A-N-Y-E-X-T-R-A-L-E-T-T-E-R-S-A-N-D-N-U-M-B-E-R-S-A-N-D-%-#-6*-\-/!!  )  I thought, surely I'm just missing something?  Came to do an internet search and found this. Srsly this wasn't built into Discord yet?

  • JoffeLaiNeN

    How is this not an integrated feature yet? This guy had it figured two years ago and you still need bots to make this happen...
    Please, for the love of god! Make this happen!
    [Click Here](Invisible URL text)
    Would make our lives so much easier

    Best Regards,

  • Castor

    Funny thing is that an embedded message field can have more traditional hyperlinks that function that way (at least they do on the desktop client) so it doesn't seem as if the facility isn't already there. It's just specifically in embedded messages. Really bugs me. Having bots around to split the workload so we don't end up with a sluggish, bloated application is an amazing idea but not if it's being overdone. Discord still needs core features because the workflow with bots is still really clunky and requires some knowledge, which a lot of users aren't at all interested in. Gamers, sure—maybe—but to rival the likes of Facebook with normal users then it'll have to be a bit simpler. We're getting there, it's just stuff like this is going under the radar.


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