Option to disable ANY detection of running games



  • Two

    I very much support this. That Discord is constantly monitoring running applications is questionable at best, and a possible violation of GDPR.

  • PonyFlare

    Also automatically adding any played games to the Activity Feed should not be allowed. All of this should be opt-in only.

  • Rama-Sama

    I do not appreciate the monitoring of my apps. Should be an option to disable game detection entirely.

  • DroopingPuppy

    It is annoying that it forces to put the name of the game on my screen. It must be removed for good, for it is nothing but toxic.

  • Red Pyr4mid

    THIS, please we need an option to PERMANENTLY disable this, I don't want to use Discord to launch my games.

  • MattStiles

    But how is Discord going to profit of your data if you could disable this snooping feature?

  • childofsoong

    I'm uninstalling all desktop clients until they stop this (or I stop being lazy and figure out how they detect games, and block discord from doing that somehow)

  • HermaphroDad

    I agree that we should have the option to opt out of auto game detection. There are deffinitely privacy concerns with this feature. And on a personal note its anoying AF that discord keeps detecting and adding the asus aura sync halo software I have and displaying my status as plaing halo:ce all the time. I know that in particualr isn't the end of the world but it's starting to get on my nerves.

  • hann

    idek how to turn it on and yall askin how to turn it off


  • intrrupt

    This is a serious security and privacy concern. Discord is collecting a history of other running programs on my PC without asking me first and without any way to disable it. Unfortunately this means I can only use the web interface from now on.

  • Marmo

    Kind of sad that this has been here for a year without a change. Hopefully we'll get the option soon.

  • ChrysAlice

    Is this ever going to be addressed?  It feels like a simple feature flag to stop filling discord's database of games I'm never going to use with garbage wouldn't be that hard to implement.  I'm never going to show my activity, so this is and always was a waste of resources, not to mention a ludicrously gross-feeling invasion of privacy.  I have to keep Discord off at all times when not directly in use just so it doesn't crawl my processes.

    It's even worse on Linux, where it has no idea what is and is not a game and so records all kinds of things.

  • icrbow

    I'm starting to regret I invited users into all this ):

  • Sir Kibble

    Still waiting on this feature to be able to be disabled, or removed outright.

  • Absolutely greedy of them to still have this malware inbuilt.

  • Caliph

    Its not even all about privacy, Idk why my discord keeps taking over my cpu every few seconds only and only when Im playing an specific game. so the game and my entire pc freezes, other games are fine, browser discord even is fine (since it cannot detect games) but now I cant play the game with talking just because somehow discord has a problem with this game. an option to tell discord to stop freezing my pc to do god knows what to a specific game would be really appreciated.

  • garet

    So do we have to call lawyers to get this noticed or what?

    Not having this option makes snooping in violation of GDPR and certain US states btw

  • Two

    Yes, they seem to be asking for a law suit.


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