Discord Avatar cooldown



  • Smay

    Another good suggestion would be to replace the square cropping system with a circular one. Not to replace your, but as a good addition anyway

  • Peef

    i agree that would be a massive help

  • Brobandy

    Or how about not rotating my avatar 90° counterclockwise only AFTER I save changes. And then leaving me stuck with this stupid messed up avatar because you locked me out for changing it too fast

  • Pyk

    The timeout in itself isn’t stupid, it’s just that it’s paired with other poorly designed things. Firstly, discord doesn’t correctly preview how your crop will look, so the only way to see how it looks is by applying it (this is the case on an iPhone X and is especially terrible on a 2018 iPad Pro). Secondly, it doesn’t tell you before hand that there is a cool down so you easily get caught off guard with a poorly cropped icon. So: it’s forcing you to use trial and error and then punishing you for doing so. If you want to limit how often the avatar can be updated, fine, but you need to correct the other issues. Either the avatar changing process needs to be fixed or the timeout needs to be removed.

  • JackTEK
    I agree. The ratelimit for avatar changes are far too restrictive. I understand that, to prevent abuse of the API, Discord needs to have some form of cooldown on avatars. It's also possible that Discord takes a relatively heavy hit with avatar changes (compare to other requests like message send requests), after all, an image's data value is sent for processing (for a 750x750 image this could be as many as 900 ish lines long). Nevertheless, a limit of 2 (per every 10 minutes I believe) is pretty restrictive and often gets in my way, I'd appreciate it if Discord upped this limit to maybe 5 requests?
  • Tech21101

    What I find odd is that this is a restriction even for people with Nitro. You know, the people paying money to allow animated avatars, the ones with no good reason to cheat the system for an animated avatar.

  • Dog

    I came here to suggest this as well. My solution would be to provide a preview of how it would look in a channel. Very simple to implement I would think and would prevent a lot of frustration. 

    Lunatic Gamer Killer's idea would seem to work fine as well, a 10 second cooldown.

  • Kaylee

    I don't know why we need cooldown. All it does is make people stress out, its just useless. Please get rid of cooldown!

  • Malkierian

    I feel the need to bring up another use-case scenario. I agree that the limit as it stands is absurd for Nitro users, but it's also extremely restrictive for developers. I was trying to make my own bot do avatar change logging, and was trying to troubleshoot an issue with it seemingly not even detecting it, and I changed my avatar twice and suddenly got hit with this, and now I have to COMPLETELY HALT my development flow while I wait for this stupidly long cooldown to expire. As has been said many times before, the API abuse issue can be resolved with a 30 second cooldown (even a single change every 30 seconds) instead of the arbitrarily monstrous punishment that it is now.

  • Lunatic Gamer Killer

    What about 1 avatar change every 10 seconds? Don't jump to conclusions just yet. Think about it: users can't really animate the bot's avatar because it's......so......slow. I'm trying to make my bot look like someone else and send a message (for trolling purposes.) Avatar changes can't take a massive hit on Discord since chances are, people are joining Discord all the time. It would fix a lot of people's problems. Please change this. I know you need the money, but that won't change. Users can't make a decent animated avatar with 1 change per 10 seconds.

  • zeshyrtests

    This. Please reduce the cooldown. The problem isn't your cropping system, it's the fact that Discord sometimes changes the orientation AFTER saving. If the preview looks right, then that's what it should be after applying changes. It's not our fault if we checked and double checked only for the system to change it after we've been sure of the preview.

  • Cadenza_prime

    I agree it is really annoying. The main reason I'm changing over and over in a small period of time is because the preview in our profile page is bigger than what we see on all channels, by default. So, on the bigger sized cropping, it can look nice, but not on the smaller version everyone sees. And being stopped from continuing adjustments after a few tries is *really* annoying.

  • TanishaT94

    I agree! Everyone has pretty much said it all.

  • tony merritt

    Look at my Avatar...can you see the whole word? Nope. Because I can't change it? 

  • hobogamer26

    I think the cooldown for avatars is dumb I was changing my avatar to find a good one and boom locked out

  • Emma

    The cooldown needs to go.

  • NeedForWild

    So, since they grew up big, got people, monopoly, they will not listen to anyone now.

  • flax

    this feature/bug alone keeps me from recommending disc to people. i should not have to wait 5-10mins to change my avatar just because you show a square preview for a circle crop.


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