Mention @everyone except a specific role



  • Anish

    @everyone is meant for the purpose of pinging everyone.

  • NiCkDee24

    Then that wouldn't be everyone would it lol. thats why there is @role instead or @here for that specific channel.

  • Carl Jenkins

    Great job to Anish for coming in, talkin sh*t thats not helpful and being quite since. So again buddy for experts like you:
    Can you ping everyone except some f.e. with a scertain role? And what command is it? (Its not @everyone that means everyone to say that, haha...)

    If you have had the mentioned problem you should know where the point is. And there are other people with that problem still. 
    In my case I got a channel where people read rules and get a role by accepting it. I wanna ping all, who didnt accept yet. So I dont spam people who read it everytime but remind these one who didnt.
    I want everyone to read the rules all the time otherwise I could just hide it to people who got the "have read-rule". 
    Maybe you know got all information to answer what is really asked here, if you need me to get more into it.... DM me ;)
    Have a good day all, hope somebody can help


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