Allow custom status per server



  • cark

    god it would get complicated trying to remember every status you have on every server

  • soyombo

    too much management required.... :(

  • Sigma The Arctic Fox

    It really would be great. I would love to set a status on one server without confusing people on another.


    About what cark and soulplexis said, they could add a new page in the settings that allows you to see all your custom statuses and modify them from there

  • DatFlow

    It should be possible to set the status server-specifically.
    I moderate servers, on which foreign and self-promotion and Invite links are forbidden. Should I now ban all those who circumvent the restrictions of the bots with the status?

  • j2ez2

    There was someone else who was suggested a list of different statuses so you can quickly change to them. I feel that a list like that and a way to check/uncheck the servers you want that status to show on; can make it a little easier to manage. A limit to how many statuses can be listed could also keep people from overwhelming themselves with so many genius quotes.

    So imagine a small list, full of different statuses. You click on one and the bottom of the page shows the servers you can show it on. Naturally only 1 status per server can be shown, so if you try to have 2 statuses on the same server; discord won't allow you to do it. 

    I'm sure the geniuses at Discord can come up with a better and cleaner way to do it, but i'm just trying to say that i secondthis idea. I'd like to use some statuses that i'm sure other servers won't like me showing around.

  • fenrave

    Yeah, a discord i moderate normally has rules against nsfw content/swearing(for professional reasons, not because of kids). We've currently decided to not punish custom statuses as that would be overextending our limits, but making it so custom statuses are server specific and not universal would be pretty helpful. Also giving discords permissions to limit statuses would be great too. I hope discord sees this post.

  • Warlord_Sdocy

    I agree with this completely and was going to post something myself.  It would be so nice to set server specific statuses for jokes among a server that wouldn't make sense to other servers.

  • Modnar Lluf

    Would be really great ! We use Discord as our professionnal internal communication tool, and it would be nice if we could set custom status when we are doing specific tasks, without displaying it on others servers...

    Thanks !

  • Mr. Ceasar

    I have the ip of my server in as my status aswell but thats considered advertising on some other discord servers.
    So it would be great if you are able to change the status on those servers, or to just disable my status on those servers(so it doenst show under my name)

  • FoxhoundFPS

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIVE PLZ ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  • Blurr

    It wouldn't be too much to handle? You can already set a time for the status to last. It can also be done so you have a global status but then you can overwrite it for specific servers?

    I think this would be great because we have a esports team that are across NA, EU and ASIA. We currently put our nation flag in our status but it is a pain having this set globally. We can do this with roles, but this is just nicer and cleaner.

    Edit: Also maybe an option to edit them from the settings menu? A simple list of set statuses so you can just delete them from there without having to go through the servers?

  • aze

    Would love for this to be a feature.

  • eri

    Given the current pandemic crisis, the organization I'm in is in need of better/easier communication and resource tool, which Discord could easily fulfill. I just don't want to suggest it yet, given I enjoy my custom statuses that I use for my other servers with more casual friends, and yet would be inappropriate in a more professional setting. So definitely would love for this to be a feature and hopefully soon?

  • LadyJuse

    It would be nice, I want to set a custom status to something that is an inside joke for one server and not for the others.

  • dataspiller

    It would be (or should be) easy enough to add a server option to disallow custom status, in which case the user would only have the option to pick from the default status options. If he has a custom status set then would be ignored and he/she would show up as online.

    I found this thread looking for just a per-server status option. Doesn't even have to be custom.
    But since I did find this thread, I am scheduled to meet a user in a server but i need to step away. Being able to customize my status and say "be back in 5" and not it affect the other server I'm also actively in would be great.

    It really isn't any different then the custom nickname per server. To those saying no to custom status due to users getting around server policies, what stops a user from setting his nickname to something against server policies (assuming Discord isn't filtering nicknames)?

  • Bug

    I came here to second this becuase I would really like this and it seems really simple like “ I would like this status on this server” and it has the normal options of other custom status but it’s only for one server and it can be seesaws just statuses are now

  • RedstoneRubenNL

    this would be great since i have an Minecraft server advertisement message i put in my status, and only 1 of my servers doesn't want that, (they even kicked me) so i would love to like be able to exclude a status from a server.

  • racecardriverrr

    totally agree, it would be great. Ex. in a server where i hang out with friends my status could be something like "dave's new haircut tho", and in a server where i talk about pc's lol it could be like "amd is killing intel and nvidia rn"

  • LiBa

    (I already commented this under a similar feature request with less votes, but now I found this one.)


    This should work almost like you can already have different nicknames on different servers. You have a global status, that appears on all servers by default and in your DMs. It would probably also be used for rich presence and other activities other than the custom status. Additionally, you can then set independent statuses on different servers, that override your global status on that server.

    This way I could set a status on a server with my friends, which maybe includes more personal information that I don't want other people on bigger community servers to see.
    That would really help to better separate my activities on Discord, like being more professional on a big community server where I am a Moderator, while also being able to be a bit more silly with my friend group servers.

    API wise, this could probably integrate quite reasonable with how status is currently handled in the Gateway. Since the activities are set by providing a list of activity objects (see update status), it might do the trick to add an optional field "guild_id" to the activity structure, that can be used in combination with the activity type "custom". You can then pass multiple custom activities for different servers (guilds) to the gateway. A custom activity with "guild_id" left empty would represent the global status. The presence update events sent by the gateway are already distinguished between guilds (they already have a "guild_id" field), so that it would be possible to return only the activities that are allowed to be seen on a specific guild.
    I don't have much experience with how the current status/activity system is actually implemented, though, so I don't know if my conceptions about it are correct and whether this could actually work like this.

  • F3st1v3


  • plurbs


  • AGW

    big bump. this is not for vanity, i need privacy from my casual and professional server relationships

  • Benjayy

    Big bump, I really need this.

  • Chicken Bear

    Bump as well, would be super useful!

  • s3h


  • Sachia

    I agree. I like setting custom statuses for my friends to see and relate to, however I wouldn't necessarily like  conference and professional servers that include my employers and teachers to see my "being gay & doing crimes" or something.

  • Ghibif


  • Freyja

    Big bump here. When the custom status feature came out, I was super happy because I've wanted that for so long... And then I ended up never using it, because any status that I want to add never applies to all the servers that I'm on. The only time that I ended up using it was on my birthday, and that's about it.

  • Aegil

    Big Bump. I'm a couple of RP servers where I would like to announce my availability status without informing my Housemates (separate server) or my work colleagues that I'm currently playing X game.

  • Storm

    Please add this!


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