Remove default emojis from Frequently Used



  • Chad Slavic Rat

    How about being able to choose favourite emojis to go on there instead?

  • Cyclonez

    Sometimes the default emojis just appear there, even if you have not used them. This can get annoying so I think this is good

  • Astra

    After the last update, or the one before the last, my Frequently Used Emoji list has gone on the fritz.

    First, it removed the type of heart I preferred using, replacing it with the one I hardly ever used.

    Then it removed the heart I hardly ever used so that there were no hearts in the Frequently Used Emoji list.

    And when I go into console mode to delete the Key coding for the Stored Emoji stuff to reset the Frequently Used Emoji list, I get them all removed, but am stuck with stupid Emojis I have hardly used, if ever, and none of the emojis I actually frequently use gets added.

    The last couple of updates have clearly only served to make Discord worse than what it was, and I sincerely hope they push a bug-fix update to get the Frequently Used Emoji list back to running order again.

  • Nayeli

    In the desktop version I’ve edited mine to remove the defaults (it counts uses of emojis and the defaults come prefilled with an absurdly high number), but I can’t figure out how to fix this on mobile. I don’t want watermelon, I want hearts!


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