Appear offline to different people



  • CrazySpy

    Can't wait to have a feature like that... 

    Set online to a selected group of people only...

    I normaly use discord on offline mode because we don't have that feature.

  • somedude

    Bump.  Please!  As others have stated, this would be extremely useful.

  • DjTrouts

    Agree with the others here. Visibility control enhancement would be great. At the very least, group/server visibility enhancements. I agree that would help with work / life balance as well as further adoption of discord with my team.

  • Mr Mookins


    Discord! Listen to your people! The ability to be invisible to individual people AND custom groups would be wonderful! 


  • CrazySpy

    2 years ago this was a request.... and sadly this is still a request... That makes me think why discord didn't became a default way of chat...

    Please, discord... listen the community... we don't want more emojis... or dancing gifs and a friendly blue character... 

    We want the ability to be visible to some of our friend list... 

  • SparkK

    2 years and this has still not been adressed?! Im gonna have to start looking at old teamspeak again.. How can this not have brought their attention I know so many people who are always "offline" but in fact it's the complete opposite. And they can see what you are doing, what you're listening to on spotify, what you're playing etc... (Which now, during the pandemic years has obv been way over the standard when it comes to time spent at my computer.

    I do everything and on my PC, music, moviie editing. Which we all post in a community discord. And I know there's so many that just appear offline while their not, they are just stealing your ideas, plans or whatever. Also having DJing as my gig, knowing some of those that appear "offline" do it too. And the times I've been about to flip out. But I don't wanna ruin what I have with the community so guess I'll just leave discord for know and back to whatever, not loosing anyone because I don't have discord.

    So lazy and just un-proffessional to not even have had this amongst 1000 others scenarios were being "offline" even tho you're not. Does NOTHING GOOD. Only for the person being that "Offline" user who for some reason are very active and have posts any time of the day.
    Im furious! I like discord but this... This is the first thing about discord I have ever even reacted to.

    Have some backbone, if you care about those that will judge you depending on how much you're playing for example (Yes, some actually have this as a reason). But being ashamed just because you have a hobby?! Wheter it's gaming, production, anything... The only thing you can't do at the computer is exercising.

    Anyone in OFFLINE MODE when they are NOT, should have no right in seeing me or my activity either! 


    We had a good run tho, but F you Discord staff.

  • Sala

    umm... wow....

    Think you have completely missed the point here.....

    People have to sit in offline mode to everyone because Discord does not allow customisable visibility settings. There are people who message me straight away as soon as they see my green light on, so its either offline to all or block people. Which I can't do because people need to reach me when it's important.

    I definitely don't use offline to spy or judge people and if you think that's what people are doing to you maybe you should go offline mode lol


    OR discord just give us what we want..... 2 years later

  • CrazySpy

    Hi SparkK... yeah... I had to read twice what you wrote because I was trying to be clear about what you were venting... and agreeing with Sala above... I guess you miss the point...

    The feature been discussed here is the fact that discord doesn't have a feature that allows you do be ONLINE TO CERTAIN PEOPLE.

    It's ONLINE TO ALL of OFFLINE TO ALL... but in your line of thinking... use discord in offline mode (which me and a lot of people do) can't trigger you like that... just because we have a choice... I don't want to share what I'm doing on that particular moment on discord... so I go offline... and yes... I can see my friends list whatever they are doing or sharing because they choose to...

    The point here is to have an option to be "ONLINE TO FEW AND CHOOSEN ONES"... everybody was a friend, a family member os someone that is very important to which won't mind to be online to that particular person every single time that you are using your PC...  that is what we talking about...

    A feature that allows us to create a "vip" list... and be ONLINE status to only that VIP list... 

    It's not about stalking, is not about spying... it's about have the choice to pick who will be able to see online.

    And how Sala said... if you think that's what people are doing you should go offline...

  • CrazySpy

    Check this link... I had explained there before I search for someone requested the same thing... 


    And it's SAD to see a 2yr old request not been addressed. Not even a reply saying... WE ARE NOT DOING IT.


  • Erinnnn

    This would be a really helpful function! I'm a server mod so I sometimes have to appear online for long enough to make sure the server's doing well and to maybe say a few sentences, but then whenever I put my thing as online, my one friend asks to talk like every time, and I cant always 'cause I don't have multiple hours free/I'm usually busy, and only have like 20 minutes to mod a server, but I don't wanna be rude to my friend/confuse her... I feel like this would be a great feature fs

  • Fetoh Jr.

    I also would like to appear invisible to certain users while still appearing online for others.

    I want to be able to talk to others on discord without being talked to death by one person just because I'm online. And I don't want to keep saying that I don't want to talk. Easier to just not be seen.

  • InstaGraham

    Yup, I find myself offline quite a bit because I have limited time to play games and would rather avoid the constant "sorry, I'm playing with other people" conversations with friends I don't want to disappoint. This function would be great

  • RoguePumpkin23

    Bumping this.

    Sometimes I don't want to appear online to my ESO server, especially when I'm at work. But! I'd like to be able to appear online to my hockey server, because they're smaller and less likely to spam me with messages.

    Please create this feature. Users are begging for it.

  • Depressed Cabbage

    Make this a thing, now

  • Alresu

    Agreed, this would be a great feature.

    At least official feedback would be nice.

  • sqlr

    Please add this feature!

    It would also be great to appear online only to certain users.

  • Explosion27

    Please Discord we're begging you for this feature!

  • Jovian

    Definitely bumping this, there are people on my friends list that I don't want to block, since they haven't really done anything wrong, but I just get very exhausted with the constant messages they send me every time they see me online. And because of this, the people I want to talk to don't actually know when I'm available. This feature would resolve both of those issues.

  • Alcoolicia

    Honestly, I don't know if it's very useful, but... : +1
    having friends you don't want to talk to right now is always a big problem on discord and I'd really like to be able to stay in "online" status.

  • LoanSouvannavong

    +1 Bump...
    Discord is a personal tool for entertainment and family purposes.
    It is also becoming a professional tool, but can't become my full professional solution until I can separate my professional life from my personal one in the app, status being the one essential feature.
    I end up opting for offline status 90% of the time.

    Feature request :
    - Being able to assign friends/servers to a category/group : gaming/family/professional for instance
    - Being able to show a different status for each category/group.

  • CrazySpy

    Hey DISCORD... Please... listen your community... listen your users... 

    2 yrs ago someone post this idea...

    2 yrs later a lot of people think that is an AMAZING idea...

    Could we have some back up from you guys? At least to say... "Ain't gonna happen" or "We will implement this in 2050"... just to not leave us in this void of have and idea... see that is a need for the comunity and see that DISCORD itself is not giving a cent about what has been said here...

  • InstaGraham


  • semicat

    please, I need this.

  • DextreBeDextre

    Bump. Please add this!

  • Renne



    Yo Discord's Staff, where u at?

    Many of us need this feature, just make so that we can assign/group our friends in a role, so we can organize them easier. Pretty please?

  • ASpeedySloth

    With discord really pushing their marketing to be an "all-encompassing" chat, discussion, school etc. platform and with the big spike in schools and maybe companies using it, I think this feature is important for many students or employees!


  • Demonskid

    I have made many types of friends over the years through Avatar websites and MMORPGS. Some of these friends are the types you only want to talk to when in a certain mood, not the type you want messaging you every second you appear online to them. Because of this, I've been set to offline for so long, a lot of my other friends have stopped talking to me, thinking I've moved on from them or discord. Being able to go invisible to select users would be a great help.

  • CrazySpy

    Would be awesome to have a "vip" list which would be able to see you online even if you set your status to INVISIBLE.

    In other words, I would like to be able to choose who would be able to see me online once I'm invisible. Maybe a status called AVAILABLE TO FEW or something like that... where I could be able to pick the few that would be able to see that I'm online regardless of my invisible status.
    That also could be valid do servers that I belong to.

    I recall the old good times of ICQ on my Windows 3.1 where we had a feature like that... I was able to create a list of friends that would be able to see me "invisible". the ones out of that list would see me as OFFLINE.

    I would be surprised if DISCORD STAFF really check this support website... It's incredible that a request from 2 yrs ago didn't get any response... 

    And I trully understand you Demonskid... I caught myself offline for the majority of the time...


  • bella goth

    BUMP!! We need this feature, sometimes you just want to appear online to a few close friends, please make this happen!

  • CrazySpy

    Is it only me that thinks that NO ONE in Discord staff give attention to this forum?


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