Appear offline to different people



  • kauer

    Not only different people but different servers!

    If I am on two servers, business and personal, I want to be offline/invisible/DND to the business server's users, but online/visible to people on the personal server.

  • Zipen

    been looking for this function for so long ngl


  • Shadow8600

    This would be fantastic. Mostly for the same reason as OP. Have (younger) family members that message me ad nauseum if I show up as online, would rather avoid that, but still participate with friends/server members as online. Hope this get some consideration from the Devs.  

  • W1LD

    I have a manager I very occasionally play games with. Now that he has me on discord, when I show up to work he says things like "I see you were up playing COD all night again", trying to gaslight me. He sets himself to offline for everyone, so you can't even tell he is online - he just spies on his friends I guess. If I could appear offline to that one person, I would be very happy.

  • snuzzers

    Bump I need this

  • DeatH_Bringer

    Absolutely. In my situation, I'm a server owner, I have this squeeker who thinks I'm his Big Brother, spamming up my DM's whenever he sees I'm on. I can not go invisible, other users need my assistance from time to time. Why the hell can't I spare this kids feelings by making myself Invisible to just him? Why do I have to Ban, Mute, Block when this kid isn't really doing anything wrong, other than being an annoying kid.

  • zazomazzo

    Yes, especially since Covid-19 and using Discord also for work and business stuff it is nearly mandatory to have such feature.

    In work times I want to be invisible to "normal people" and in the evening after work it's the opposite.

    And this is not shady or a snake move like someone mentioned, it's just about separating work and leisure.

    In addition to that, groups for friends would be nice and maybe even mandatory.


  • Nobody

    +1 to this. There are often times when I'm really busy and I want to appear offline or DND. However, there are still a few people who are important and I know won't waste my time, so I want to appear available to them.

  • Potatoh

    I would love this feature, I have different groups of friends for each game I play, whenever they're online and I'm online I get hounded by each of them to play with them and I always have to let someone down which makes me feel bad!

    Previously on Steam it allows you to block people but not remove them as a friend and same on Skype so if the same was possible on Discord would be great.

  • ⭐𝑰𝑵𝒁𝑶⭐

    They should add this option, I'm now basically all the time offline, because I can't appear to certain annoying friends, and I can't talk to my important friends in offline mode because that will change how they look at me.

  • binojii

    Not a duplicate if we're saying for certain people on friendslist! That discussion linked is for servers only it seems.

  • Pandora


  • PermitCrab

    Pls need this asap

  • slutdropjin

    I also would like to appear invisible to certain users while still appearing online for others.

    I want to be able to talk to others on discord without being talked to death by one person just because I'm online. And I don't want to keep saying that I don't want to talk. Easier to just not be seen.

  • ErgoGeorge

    Maybe the ability to group users and have different visibility per group?
    I’d love to be able to change visibility to these groups by schedule e.g. hidden from work colleagues during the day (“you should be working”) and very late at night (to avoid “oh you were up late”). Something like that?

  • kris03001


    I have a couple of people added that I do want to message with but don't want them knowing my every move...

  • RK900_

    waiting for this function too

  • tlifschitz

    Please implement this feature!!

  • Madderlinee

    Please make this possible!!


    Nice to see that I am not the only person wanting this, but yet sad to see that still nothing has happened. And considering that this is now about a year old I dont think it ever will happen.

    Realy sad imo, as I completely understand the reasons people would want this feature ( just like I want it ).

  • Caliph_Almanzor

    We're still hoping for this feature to be added soon !

  • WolfHunter732

    Discord I love you but WHY HAVE YOU NOT DONE THIS YET!!

  • gamer moment


    really want this feature 

  • IHasEyes


    This would be so helpful!

  • CrazySpy

    2 years ago this was a request.... and sadly this is still a request... That makes me think why discord didn't became a default way of chat...

    Please, discord... listen the community... we don't want more emojis... or dancing gifs and a friendly blue character... 

    We want the ability to be visible to some of our friend list... 

  • CrazySpy

    This would be a AWESOME feature... I remember my good old times of ICQ... where once you became INVISIBLE you could choose that selected group of friend that would be able to see on online... overiding the invisible status.
    I'm pretty sure that this would be something that A LOT of users on discord would love to have... 
    Sometimes we don't want to be online into servers that we are been part of it... 

  • Sala

    Please please add this function, as above I don't want certain people to see my online status but not to the point of blocking them and hurting feelings at the same time I want other friends to see that I am online and available to chat!

  • Erinnnn

    This would be a really helpful function! I'm a server mod so I sometimes have to appear online for long enough to make sure the server's doing well and to maybe say a few sentences, but then whenever I put my thing as online, my one friend asks to talk like every time, and I cant always 'cause I don't have multiple hours free/I'm usually busy, and only have like 20 minutes to mod a server, but I don't wanna be rude to my friend/confuse her... I feel like this would be a great feature fs

  • Aven


  • CrazySpy

    Can't wait to have a feature like that... 

    Set online to a selected group of people only...

    I normaly use discord on offline mode because we don't have that feature.


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