Direct messages - alias for usernames



  • LunarWind23

    For now, I've just been putting a note on the user, but an actual alias would be really nice. That said, I do have a number of friends that aren't in servers with me, so while it'd be nice to show all the different aliases a user has in common servers, I wouldn't want it limited to just one of those... (Such a list would be cool, but that's a different feature...)
    A middle ground that might be a little easier would be adding a column to the Friends overview view, so that notes can be displayed. Not as convenient for actual messages, but it's something.

  • necrose99

    FC wants me to change user id however that i global....


    As an ethical hacker branding is well paramount you could say and i dont wish to have multiple accounts.

    however game hanndles should be used separately 


    as well as channel specific alias... 



  • drlove

    Wanted to weigh in on this after seeing the update and new branding "Your place to talk". One of the things preventing me from asking people to move platforms over to Discord is that at some point there will be a critical mass in number of contacts. Will no longer be able to mentally map handles to real name, adding alias capabilities is one path through.

  • Falco[Ger]

    How is that not a thing yet? Every major chat platform allows users to add aliases to their friend list.


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