Add the ability to disable or edit custom statuses on your server



  • Brumbpo

    Fully support! Banning/kicking people from SFW servers just because they have an inappropriate status seems a bit harsh, and asking them to change their status just because one of the servers they are in doesn't accept inappropriate content can be really bothersome.

    Being able to hide a user's status in specific servers would be super convenient and I'm all for it.

  • rafael1010

    Would love to have this added.

  • Monarch

    I can't agree more. Given the fact this is public facing, even though a "personal status" it can very easily be abused. The lack of moderation over this field is alarming and I continue to face "personal profile setting" arguements, which would not be a problem if Server Admin could regulate this fields visibility, or content, according to their localized public rules.

  • Exyl

    i beg you to add this. It's extremely important

  • GoldenretriverYT

    Still not there after 6 month. It is really missing. I don't want to ban or kick users for the custom status...

  • Axelium

    Something seriously needs to be done about this. I've seen a bunch of servers fail to function because everybody left as a result of staff members advertising in their custom status. This is a huge issue that can easily destroy servers, especially ones starting out - this really needs to be looked into, surely it wouldn't be too hard to incorporate?

  • Victorian_Clambake


    I respect my server moderation team and their views, but our official server isn't politically involved whatsoever.
    When members and moderators wish to post statuses that could lead to argument, I'd rather the status feature were removed altogether. We need the ability to prevent statuses from being shown on servers.

    Thank you.
     - The Captain

  • Kim

    It's been so long. Could we please get a update on this? If you're not intending on fixing this, please let us know. We need this fixed...

  • Adelscott

    Has Discord ever added a feature requested by most people ?

  • Gingey

    I agree this feature is required! I have noticed people adding inappropriate things as their status and if you are trying to build up a friendly community that is for a variety of age groups then having stuff like this is just not right:

  • AJaffe

    Another +1 to this & to custom statuses being able to be controlled either server by server, through roles, or otherwise.

    As someone who runs SFW servers, this is still a big issue months later and really need to be fixed to make this amazing program worth using for such groups. The app is being used by so many and for so much more than simply by adult's sad to see such a limiting "feature" be placed in which limits all safe discord access to SFW groups, school-based clubs, or people who are not the initial audience of adults gamers.

  • Барс


  • Ven0m


  • Norska

    It has been a year since I've posted this suggestion. I don't think they actually care about suggestions.

  • Kramerika

    Agreed on both points.  It would be easier to allow server owners to simply disallow custom status on a global or individual basis rather than having to address it with someone and/or kick them.

  • Emilirose

    I'm sort of bewildered that this isn't already a feature! There are so many school-related activities that are currently using discord to meet. I'm running a server for teens (mostly younger) as a digital hangout and ttrpg server. It has to be "clean" for a lot of those kids to be able to participate, but it's also a little absurd to ask a teenager to never put profanity in their status just to avoid being banned from one server. I can change nicknames, I can mute users, and I can delete posts, but I can't do anything about statuses. I just want to turn them all off.

    As a server manager, I'd also like to not have my status show up on servers I'm running. My current solution for that is just to never actually use custom statuses: not ideal.

  • Joseph

    Is there any way to pressure discord into implementing something about this?

  • Dfirebug

    I totally agree I am trying to make a server that accommodates people who say a lot of cuss words(and have them in their custom status messages) and people who hate cuss words, because of this not being added I have had to kick some of my members who will not change their custom status messages

  • Norska

    Discord takes suggestions and shoves them straight in the trash, instead they add bs like "threads" that you can't even disable.

  • Ondrashek06

    Exactly, because temporary chatrooms are a lot more important than moderation for child-friendly servers.

  • excambaw


  • HADES153234

    Seriously please add this to discord


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