Streaming your screen on iOS and Android



  • RedTrillix


  • Aldahir

    Must add

  • msaravia

    Would this function end up also being GO Live streaming from the mobile? Because I would love to see that come to reality also.

  • Blyatskaya Kiska

    GO live and screen sharing is same, just GO live cant be on iOS and android because iOS and Android can't stream only one app, they will stream all screen so add GO live to iOs and Android is impossible

  • msaravia

    I'm sorry @Blyatskaya, but do you mean that devices "...can't stream MULTIPLE apps..." at the same time?

    You would have your game being screened shared and discord sharing it on Go Live to max ten users in your discord server. Just wanted to understand your comment correctly.

  • I NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • __askar__

    Kiska said that is not possible but u can do with your partned mobile phones like sumsung

  • General Grievous

    I don’t get it


  • Zake2002

    This is just like another feedback post I found way earlier on the Discord feedback pages known as “Streaming on ios” and I agree on the idea, why can’t we just do it?
    I already commented on that post but I might as well repost it here since it also applies here:

    “Since iOS 11, we had the ability to record and stream our screen to not just the photos app but also to streaming apps that support it as well, and all you needed to do was just enable it in the settings to show up in your control center, and I'm pretty sure it's easy to code in screenshare into Android apps as well, so if discord can enable the use of screen sharing for both iOS and Android, it would be really amazing!
    This would also mean for mobile players that they can stream their gameplay to discord directly from their phones and tablets instead of having to mirror them to a computer and use the computer discord to screen share, and it doesn't even have to be for games either!
    It's possible and I hope they can figure out how to code it in, (also sorry if this offends Discord but) even Skype allowed iOS users to share their phone screen in a call, even a group call. If we can do that on Discord then it would be so good, and if this could also be used to stream in server voice channels like the Go Live feature? That would make it the best addition of features yet!
    I hope to see this soon, Discord!”

    At least Discord allowed video chat in servers, that’s something, which good job to Discord if they’re reading this.
    But the dream of mobile gaming with server chats, I mean come on! I know some of us can play on computers but not everyone has a computer right? What about those stuck with only mobile devices that don’t have a computer?
    Come on, we gotta give everyone a chance to try these features, I’m in on this! Not just for myself but for others as well, it’s a bit unfair that not everyone can enjoy everything discord has to offer, I mean Androids still unable to see streams in server voice chats? Seriously!? (I know, you already said you’ll fix that when Androids can also video chat in servers, but if it was only computers and iOS that could see streams at the time, that’s a but harsh on Androids, you know?)
    I mean, I don’t have an Android myself but I know a good number of others that do, and it’s just upsetting that they can’t join in the fun of server streams, I hope they can fix that soon..

    -Zake A.

  • LemonFellow

    I would like to stream on mobile!!!

  • RetroAnd8BitThings

    It is rather sad that I can Go Live with a piece of crap windows 7 computer, but I cannot with my brand new LG V60 that has twice as much power and the newest Android OS available.

    Another very valid point is that some games and apps are MOBILE ONLY, so whether you want to stream a mobile tutorial or a mobile only game to discord users, this would be a very needed feature.

    The point about mobiles being only able to stream the entire screen as most games for mobile are played in full screen anyway.

    Discord really needs to work on this feature for mobile users. Crappy workarounds like using a 3rd party app to share your mobile screen to a PC and then using Go Live from there is a horrible option. Please get this feature added for iOS and Android.

  • Marc

    This is definitely a feature I would want to see on my mobile app. My pc can't stream my screen smoothly so 😶

  • NikitaJobson

    I‘d love to be able to stream from Procreate to discord and Share the process!! 

  • Zentriefugal

    Dear Mr. Discord please give us an iOS streaming option!

  • 사람

    저만 구경하는게 아닌 보여주면서 얘기하고 싶습니다! 꼭 되길 바라요!

  • [rTF]recovery24

    I think must add hurry

    And... must add to both OS.

  • Riz

    As someone who doesn't have a pc, I would love this feature! Streaming with friends is so fun, I hope this is on the developer's to-do list, I'd love to share my gameplay live with my discord friends.



  • 𝔇𝔬𝔫𝔫𝔶𝔇𝔰

    So i just found out how to do this Several Days ago, it works on my Android but idk about iOS since i don't have one.
    It's pretty simple tho, what you have to do is just join the Discord testers server and be there for a while, after that, Just join any Voice channels and you'll see a new Button which Functions as a Mobile Screen Share. I tested out the Go Live and it works Fine and my Friends can see my Screen Share clearly

    Here's the Link to the server im talking about :

    Hope this Helped ya :D


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