Favorited Gifs Not Disappearing When You Log Out Would Be Nice



  • Water.BLUE

    until this is fixed i can only recommend a 1-man server for yourself where you have a gif channel. plus its really useful in general too.

  • kh1211

    please fix this discord! every time i restart my computer it logs me out, and all my favorite gifs AND frequently used emoji disappear. please have them save ! 

  • Okami Takahashi

    I just had this happen to me as my craptop lagged out on me when trying to pick a gif to use!! I don't have my own server as I have no use for one! Making your own server for your fave gifs should NOT be the way to keep them backed up! This is bleedin' stupid! FIX. IT. I's been like an entire year now!!!

  • Mumlaren

    +1, should be saved on your account in my opinion.

    After getting myself an SSD and reinstalled Discord I lost all the gifs I'd ever saved since I made my account. Sad to see so many gems gone, can't be that difficult to save some links in your databases right? Hardly takes any space.

  • JDJG Inc. Official

    They store it in the local storage and not their own Database, if they actually stored it in one, it would be nice, or give users a choice between the local storage or database. for local storage, if you go into inspect you will find the favorited gifs there, if they stored it somewhere else, then it would probably safe a lot better.



    Make gifs cloud stored, you can easily just save a data sheet of the particular codes of the gifs the person has saved, and not the gifs themselves. Just save the links that attach to them, (and make sure that works for local gifs like stuff we post manually and then favorite, rather than *just* tenor and giphy gifs), and problem solved. It would be far less data intensive than saving the entire gif, and it shouldn't cause a lot more problems to do. A txt file of thousands and thousands of lines is only a few KBs, so it shouldn't be that big a deal.

    Please put this higher on your priorities, it can't be too hard to do, I'm no programmer so I'm sure it's not *that* simple. But it's clearly possible. You will make a lot of users happy and trust you more if you do!

  • YoyuKai!

    One year later and shit still didn't change

  • modernpsych

    This should be easy to fix??? And done by now?? It's incredibly frustrating and infuriating to suddenly be forced to change my password and lose everything.

    How is it that it loses them all but if I search for a gif it shows that I have it saved in Favorites, but isn't showing up in a favorites folder??

  • JDJG Inc. Official

    I am a programmer, and it should be easy to do just needs a few changes, no wonder why it doesn't save your gifs lol, it's based on session.

  • AssureMe

    Discord Please fix this it's really annoying to sign out and then find your gifs are gone, this happened to me four times now and at this point, I'm not even going to bother and search for them again so please fix this.

  • JDJG Inc. Official

    you can rip your favorited gifs from your local storage(once you found nice ones, if they get yeeted, reinsert them) unfortunately, there's not much you can do besides that.

  • It me Jadyn


  • Olley

    Can't believe this is still a thing! Honestly ridiculous!

    Also, it would be nice to have favourites available on Mobile apps too.

    Discord please fix basics things like this... As your user base drastically increases you are going to have to improve your user experience. 

  • CodeX96

    I've had it happen before and it was mildly annoying, but it hasn't been too bad recently. But now yesterday with discord false-flagging accounts by accident and banning them, I have been forcibly signed out of every device out of nowhere with no warning (Terrible system for banning, how would people even know how to appeal or what happened.), but I just lost over a year's worth of saved gifs in an instant across multiple devices. Absolutely nonsense that even when I dug through my roaming and local files, it was completely wiped.

  • Clown

    It's odd, because gifs that you favorited will still say you favorited them, and favoriting more gifs will make big spaces like there's more gifs favorited than before. I think that they're not supposed to disappear, but spaghetti code is killing it. :(

  • The Red Angel

    Yeah thats what keeps happening to me, I just spent ten minutes getting all my gifs back. This has been going on since favorited gifs were a thing, please fix it. 

  • NaClO

    2 weeks ago discord forced me to sign out because of the false flagging account event. And now I don't have any favorite gifs.

  • iSyriux

    Random chimp event caused discord to become illiterate

  • Kensei

    god this is so annoying. It happened to me twice already and I never knew why. Seriously, why even have favourites if they will just disappear again

  • Mumlaren

    And I'm back again after 2 months. Just changed my password on my account which logged me out everywhere. And guess what I just lost again...

    Please Discord, it can't be that hard.. Even if you make it a Nitro thing I wouldn't mind. It's a really good QoL improvement that a lot of people want.

  • discordite

    Hi-- just chiming in to say this is still an issue. I've tried with Discord PC app as well as the webapp and every time on restart my favorites are lost. Any time my computer force-shuts itself down for updates, wham, I lose all my Discord gifs and emoji preferences.

    never will I ever in my e n t i r e existence mean :purple_circle: instead of :purple_heart:, default settings. not on your life.


    I recently upgraded to Nitro and hoped it would resolve my issue. Alas, there's nothing special about paying for Discord that might save you from this sad, wipe-preferences-on-app-closure fate. :(

    Discord, will you please look into this issue or at least offer suggestions for workarounds/fixes? Are there settings files you can point us to we can make backups of to pop back in when we restart the app or something? Can you throw us any kind of bone here?

  • Frrzzzz

    2 years later nd its still an issue :)

  • xAqult

    I agree, it needs to be a feature

  • Djan_

    I made a mistake like updating discord. Hundreds of my gifs were lost as a result. And all my discord preferences, favorite emojis, all settings of discord have been reset. It was upsetting that such a large platform did not support such a simple thing. Hopefully this feature will come soon. Up up up


    Just bumping this because this is still necessary. And because I just realized my previous suggestion is pointless and that it's even easier to solve this. Literally just create a locally stored dump file of all the favorite gifs. This should apply to personal data and preferences, saved comments in channels and stuff that you haven't sent, and so on. There is LITERALLY no reason it shouldn't be this way because this is DEFAULT behavior for most platforms, to ACTUALLY save your preferences.

    The last time I reported this as an issue the response I got was that this is INTENTIONAL and that discord is SUPPOSED to reset preferences on restart. That's only fine if people want it to behave that way. It should be DEFAULT that it doesn't, and opt-in to have that. A simple txt file with all the links to the gifs would be more than enough, and there is probably an easy way to save it even more efficiently.

    Please put this higher up on your priorities. And do it BEFORE you sell to M$, because they will never do it. (Also don't sell to M$ they will destroy this platform.)

    Also also favorite emojis have yet to show up for me, same with any form of mobile favorites.

  • 桜沢墨

    i just think re-add favorite again the gif will solve the problem. But when i did that, this happen. Only 1 gif recorded. I try look some gif that i alread add with scroll down and no any single gif appear. Please just fix it :D

  • redwolftrash

    my computer had to go in for a battery change, so i signed into my mom's computer with my discord account, and then signed back in on my computer when i got it back 5 days later.


    over a year's worth of GIFs are now gone in a blink of an eye because such an EASY TO FIX ISSUE still hasn't been fixed.


    how are you going to continue to add things to a platform without addressing an issue this glaringly annoying and unwanted???


    and these aren't GIFs i can just research, btw -- some of them are from a now-defunct pokemon bot, others were from DMs with people i used to consider friends, and a lot are from servers i haven't been on in months/may be defunct.


    I think everyone needs to just jump on twitter and @ them about it continuously till its fixed.

  • BenJ

    I logged out and when I log back my gifs were gone, I started selecting them again but they still had a yellow star, I started to uncheck and select them again and when I went back to the folder it was full of empty space as if the gifs had duplicated. When I went down to the bottom of the folder my computer started lagging, Discord went black and a blue screen popped up :|

  • Ruuubick

    For anyone who lost all of their gifs and frequently used emotes, i'm sorry but there's no way to recover.

    BUT, there is a way to save your current ones and re-add them back into discord if they were to be wiped again. The steps go as follow :

    - In desktop client, press CTRL + Shift + i  /  In web client, press F12
    - On the left panel, go down to Storage > Local Storage
    - In the search bar at the top, type "emoji" or "gif"
    - You'll see "GIFFavoritesStore" or "EmojiStore" under Key
    - What you need to do is open a next text file on your computer and copy the content of the Value field for the above (it starts with "{"_state":{"usageHistory":{")
    - If Discord ever wipes your gifs or emojis, all you need to do is go back to that value and overwrite it with the one you saved and then restart Discord. Your emojis and gifs should be back as they were when you last saved.


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