List of recent notifications (not mentions)



  • Matt_B

    Why are people downvoting this?

  • Matt_B

    Do they like the idea of hearing notification chimes all the time and not knowing where they come from?

  • GoogleAndrewYang

    Totally agree

  • RayFox

    I like this Idea. Pls implement. actually looking for this feature because i did'nt think some one would not have build this feature into the Program. Thats how  I found this.

    It is damn annoying when u have things going on in the discord and u just quickly want to filter through what is actually going on. At this point discord is a little musicbox where some one else is making the sounds, and you dont know when, who, where, or which "Server" it was in. And at some point it gets annoying and you just start randomly muting channels.

    And the "blub" still doesn't go away...

    while goal actually was to find out if it is relevant to you.

  • NitroKoS

    Really need this when I belong to 20+ servers I have zero idea where the alert is coming from...

  • yehehe.boi

    yes I really need this


  • Typhus / rnicolas

    I was also looking for some clever way to find which message prompted the last notification, but apparently it's not there yet...


    It's a bit of a stretch, but it makes me think of RTS games were stuff is happening all around the map and you get non-stop notifications that something is going on somewhere : without a shortcut to go where the last action happened on the map (and possibly cycle X last notification) it would be a complete nightmare...

  • Chekonjak

    Still waiting for this - any update?

  • Sourc3

    Please! So annoying every time I hear a notification and can't figure out where it's coming from, so I don't even know what channel to mute. It would also be cool to have more sound effects and the ability to set up different alerts for different notifications. But that might be asking a lot. I can't believe they haven't added notification information... I'm sure some people have custom scripts for this

  • Bidule200

    Eagerly waiting for this feature for years now...

  • ziplock9000

    This is essential now that lots of people are members of many servers.

  • Peyton Tucker

    Three years later and still no solution as far as I'm aware, yet the problem still persists.

    I don't keep up with every single notification from servers I'm in, so simply "looking for the red circle" doesn't work - all I know is that there has been a new notif somewhere amongst the sea of existing notifications.

  • Daniel

    This would really be great to have.  It's a complete mess trying to find the message that notified me.  If enough time has passed in a busy channel, it seems functionally impossible.

  • Albi Shehu

    I want this feature. Yes.

  • Bobleponge

    +1000 how ppl do when they have notification ? It's impossible to see from where the notification come from..


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