Audio Normalization Option



  • Lance

    i literally found this thread by searching google assuming this option would already exist in a service dedicated to communication :i

  • Turboginger

    TeamSpeak / Mumble had this nailed down 10 years ago. Kind of disheartening to see that discord still has prioritized this. It can be done. 

  • FoxTail8000

    Please implement this! I know you can adjust individual people's volumes but it would be have some type of volume normalization or audio peak compression.

  • Stavros

    This is a great annoyance for me, not only everyone has different volume but their volume also changes depending on their distance from their microphone. It's extremely inconvenient that Discord doesn't have this option.

  • Biskuits

    Please implement this. My wife frequently has to leave the room because some people are so loud it hurts her ears, and at the same time, there are more quiet individuals I cannot hear at all. It is not feasible to adjust the volume of the 50 plus people in the channel. On top of that, their microphone volume or distance seems to change on a daily basis or more.

  • Yoshi

    Words can not express how much I want this.

  • Lagahan

    Please add this, its become a daily ritual to try and get everyones volume the same. Tempted to set up a teamspeak server for talking and just using discord for streaming and memes.

  • Aeris

    I would love this feature. I ended up damaging my hearing a bit because certain people were so loud on call while others were still quiet at 200%. :(

  • knightmare

    How is this not a thing, it's totally annoying

  • drplague13

    Please for the love of all that is holy make this a thing. As a streamer that plays with my audience this is so important! 

  • Yoshi

    I seriously don't get how this isn't a thing.

    This wouldn't be working on the server side, only on the client side, so it wouldn't put any load on Discord itself.

    It's such a small feature that would be vastly useful for a lot a people.

  • Delmain

    Really really need this option. Audio normalization was in Ventrilo in like 2004.

  • Cici

    I would also love the ability to normalize the audio! It is extremely jarring when new-to-me users come on full-blast.

  • fattest scav raid

    it is ridiculous that this isn't a thing, people with sharp and inconsistent volume on their mic's is commonplace on discord, for a program so fixated on looking user friendly and easy to use it has not done well with this.

  • Glacialis

    Desperately needed for all for the reasons above, plus people that alternative between quiet and loud -- often because of their microphones.

  • Shay Panda

    Please add this, it would make adjusting volumes so much easier

  • Alux

    /sign   Turning your volume up so you can hear one guy, only to then have your ears blown out by someone else... Fixi fixi pls :P

  • Algaliarept

    Please, please, please, please, please, please add this already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tylindre

    I would love to have this and miss Mumble very much right now. It is to the point of asking people to change back and just use Discord for posts which is sad.

  • Zenikar

    Any voice software that doesn't already have this feature needs to come out of the dark ages. If older software like Mumble or Vent supports it and you are a new platform that doesn't you really need to think hard about your choices.

  • Arkved

    This is desperately needed.  I really miss having this from Mumble. 

  • Demure Nightshade (snowbell)

    I find it completely absurd that discord doesn't have this option. It is by far the biggest annoyance I have with the program. I'm constantly having to adjust the volume of people, even multiple times a day. Make it happen, discord. This is unacceptable.

  • - Wildlands

    ADD THIS PLEASE!  Doing raids with the boys and some people are loud some are quiet, gotta adjust everyone by hand.  Has to be a smarter way.

  • MrGamy

    Please finally add this option. For me as a gamer and streamer using your platform this feature would be a godsend!

  • Ntent

    Please. We are all begging, add this.

  • prenetic

    +1, and when this is implemented PLEASE use the LUFS (to the -23 LUFS broadcast standard) as the means of adjustment as this more closely aligns with perceived loudness to humans than peak or RMS measurements. Peak or RMS normalization will still result in people needing to manually adjust one another for an "even" sound.

  • Ashley

    Two years ago?  How is this still not a thing?

  • AceOfSpades

    Please discord. We need this. 

  • Risby

    FFS Discord, this is just embarrasing not to have this as a "feature".

  • pki

    how is this not implemented yet? people screaming into their $1 mics is super annoying


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