Audio Normalization Option



  • noon


  • Petrol

    We need this badly.  I have so many people at different volumes and that's not including the ones who constantly change their voice output level. It's really the only frustrating thing about using Discord.

    Please lets make this happen!

  • Paws

    Discord team? please this request would upgrade discord quality a ton, it shouldn't even be that complicated. Maybe a loudness meter API, when activated it sends samples of current members sound and the user sets an objective db/luffs to which discord can adjust to.
    It would be freaking awesome

  • Zeke

    2 years since threat start? Wtf

    I used to be a huge Discord shill but this is beyond embarrassing. Damn.

  • Delmain

    Two and a half almost. Original request is from November 5, 2019. This request is from before Covid.

  • CapsLock

    All my friends use different mics. These mics all output at different levels. It's so tedious trying to adjust individual levels every single time there's a change in their mic output. This makes it difficult especially when recording when you don't really have the luxury of being able to adjust every single person's volume when you're in-game. An audio normalization feature would honestly be amazing. It's 2022 and somehow this isn't a thing yet. It's weird considering how the number of users for this platform has risen exponentially in the past 3 years. 

  • un1ty


    Dear Discord Team, please add this. 

  • Kryptidikettu

    This feature is desperately needed.

  • Demure Nightshade (snowbell)

    I'm so tired of having to constantly adjust people's volumes multiple times every single day. Teamspeak had this figured out a decade ago. The truth is, having worked for companies like this, is that they will probably never implement this feature because they have figured they cannot make any money off of it. Until people start leaving discord for something else specifically because of the lack of normalization, nothing is going to get fixed. 

  • Pip

    Agreed with all of this. It's a pain in the ass needing to constantly adjust people's volume if they happen to move their microphone a bit. No matter who has "automatic gain control on" it does nothing to help. Sometimes my ears get blown out, other times 200% volume isn't enough. And it often shifts haphazardly during a call.

    Just give us a "volume target" and normalize to there, bloody every other application can do it already.

  • pan

    I made this post 3 years ago and it is absolutely absurd that they haven't implemented something like this yet. Still just as frustrating as it always was

  • Algaliarept

    Doesn't make them money, they don't care apparently.

    Maybe someone should tell them they could make it a Nitro option. At least it would be an option... that I wouldn't pay for.

  • bohdai

    Audio normalization was a basic feature of Ventrillo and every other solution since, other than Discord. I spend too much time adjusting individuals' audio level every single day, multiple times a day. I've been an early adopter Nitro sub since it was available, I've seen you implement countless things that meant nothing to me, yet this one feature that should be standard and required for Discord is left neglected. Please, make is so.

  • Ashley

    Still absolutely baffling how this isn't a basic option already.


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