Add a slider for the resizing of emojis



  • cbn

    i absolutely love it but a client-side toggle would be a great option with large being default of course

  • Midi🍓

    I like the big emojis! They're what I've been wanting for a while, but maybe we do need something in the middle than 

    small, with text size and

  • 「basedSHARK」

    To play the other side, I love the new emoji size. Now you can actually see detail on custom emojis! I'm all for giving a slider to let us choose but I would be disappointed if it was just reverted to the original (tiny) size. 

  • Mouse™

    I love the huge emojis, because I can actually SEE them now. Honestly, they were worthless before. But yeah, give the non-believers an option to go back to their un-see-able emojis.


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