Add Server Role Catagroy



  • SnorlaxMonster

    This would be really helpful for a server I'm an admin on. We have a number of roles that are primarily used for usability (coloured names, @mentions, visibility to users, etc.) rather than permissions, which we want to ensure always have the same permissions as each other. But because we have about 30 of them, it's really easy to accidentally let them get out of sync.

    If it were possible to have groups of roles, so that we could assign permissions to those groups rather than the individual roles, that would really be helpful.

  • Sam Sharp

    I know the felling because i have a gaming community with loads of roles I thought if the group roles would be easy to manage for example
    Community Mod Team then have roles sub groups to That
    -Discord Mod
    - Forum Mod
    - Stream Mod

    It would be hole lot easyer to manage that way they put channel grouping why can’t they add roles but hopefully it will be add soon.


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