Add the option to surpress role mentions



  • Bibliothekar

    When you edit a role, you can disallow it to be mentioned. Or do you mean as a channel setting?

  • ThePerfectLink

    Not quite, what I'm referring to is if anyone mentions a role and you personally have muted or surpressed mentions in the channel or server, discord will still notify you if that role is used to refer to you rather than @username or @everyone. Thus it makes muting a channel that generally uses roles to notify users of things kind of worthless. That's why I'm saying there should either be another option that surpresses role callouts or the mute should do that automatically.

    EDIT: for example if I have a role called @Gamers assigned to me, and I have the #announcements muted and surpressed in a community server. I will still get notified if someone uses @Gamers in #announcements, because muting and surpressing only affects normal messages, @everyone and @here.

  • DoubleTapInside

    Yes, do this, omg.


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