Custom status API to change custom status outside of Discord



  • Agnos

    I'd also appreciate a API hook for changing custom status' for this reason. I'd like to show what music I'm listening to directly on my status instead of relying on Rich Presence, which requires people to click on my thing to see what music I'm listening to. And I think it very rare for people to actually bother clicking it, so although I'm showing what music I'm listening to in a way, no one really knows because it's not immediately seeable like a status would be.

    I had a script that hooked onto Winamp and Spotify and did just this some years back, and the immediately viewable nature of it even sparked a few conversations, but Discord has changed a bit now and the old ways of doing it don't work anymore. I'd definitely use a API hook for this.

  • KewlKris

    You can do this by sending requests to the api endpoint.

    As much fun as this would be, I'm concerned that this would fall under automating user accounts which is not allowed.

  • Grum

    Is there a tutorial to use this link ?

  • xardbaiz

    @KewlKris this API doesn't work these days (

    Any new methods for setting custom status anyone?


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