Mass Delete



  • Dɪᴏ
    Yes we need a purge feature
  • BL4CK

    Yes, Agreed!

  • Sped


  • DragonSlayer003

    has anything become of this suggestion yet?

  • sshiverr

    This really needs to be added, please Discord.

  • Happy

    It's been months. A response would be great.

  • lI

    yes. we need it

  • sshiverr

    Especially with this quarantine, we have DMs with people that take wayyy too long to delete every message. Adding this feature for servers and DMs allows for a quicker message delete

  • Brildain

    yes please.  discord needs this feature

  • Saga

    I agree. I manage my own server, too. And sometimes I need to clean a channel out of messages (specially in channels with commands and spam). I know I could just clone it, but then I have to write the channel topic once more and write every important pinned messages again. For that last issue I would recommend that when you select the option to 'clean', 'sweep', or however you are going to name this feature, it asks you if you want to delete pinned messages too. 

  • Nedbella🌸

    Has there been any update for this request. MANY people need this now and I'm hoping that some work is happening to make this an option. Especially when you have a tonne of messages to delete. Having to do one at a time is risking RSI. 


    Any updates on this functionality request?

  • amushroomoto

    how many complaints/suggestions does it take to get a simple "delete message history"/mass delete button that deletes messages from both sides?? I really wish I had this option to clear my messages, at least on my page. In a way, I guess I don't mind if the messages are still visible for the other person, but I want the page cleared for me and I don't want to see the conversations even after I reopen the chat. 

    I feel like it'd be cool to have an option for messages to autodelete after x amount of time unless specifically saved. 

  • Night AoX

    Well, Micro$oft bought Discord, so we'll never ge that feature..

  • Brumbpo

    Bumping this because I think it's strange that this feature doesn't exist.

  • Fio

    Yes, we need it. It's been years and I can't believe discord doesn't have such a simple feature as this.

  • Cateyespecks

    This is a basic personal safety feature that Discord is severely lacking. If you've been posting on a friends' server for some time, and someone else joins the server who wants to gather information on you or intends to hurt you, there is no easy way to delete your posts.

    Deleting your account will only remove your username, it doesn't remove the content, which makes it worthless when the post contains personal or potentially identifying information.

    I know the obvious solution is "don't post anything on discord that you wouldn't advertise on a billboard," but that really limits your ability to open up and connect with your friends, especially about sensitive topics like mental health and relationships.

    Additionally with the recent news of accounts being hacked, I'd feel a lot more comfortable if I had the ability to mass-delete my posts and DMs on a regular basis, like once a week.

    There are third-party tools like Redact that can do this, but I want to see the feature built-in.

    Please Discord! This is important.

  • bendy

    Yo discord we still need it 

  • Chuj I Chuj


  • Riawinx

    PLEASE implement the ability to delete chat logs!  Even if it's only chunks of messages at a time (I.E.: 50 messages per deletion)


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