Idea! A "Text Block" for text format / "Code Block" for code format



  • joseph

    I completely agree with you, this should 100% be removed. I didn't even know that Discord added this. I'm not sure why Discord keeps adding new features that no one likes.

    And if Discord didn't want to fully remove the feature, at least allow us to disable it client-sided.

  • Morderoc

    The single bar code block is usefull on programming Discord servers, and there are a lot of them. I'm ok with your idea Faeryl, people who used this to enlight text had no choice but using it. I think it's time Discord makes a new text block option dedicated to text and only text.

  • kirillian

    I actually strongly disagree that this is useful for all programming use-cases. While I could see it being useful for some people who prefer to see less going on, but in all the programming Discord servers I belong to and the few that I run, it's much preferable to be able to SEE large chunks of code. I can already get a one-liner by using single-backticks. This takes away functionality and doesn't really improve my experience. The fact that it snuck in also is frustrating. I read the release notes. I missed it. It's possible that it was in there, but this new behavior is a massive deviation from the norm across the web and unexpected.

    Ok, so, now that I've said the emotional portion of my piece. I like this text suggestion, but I might also move to make the word-wrap setting user-specific. I, for one, will never make use of this. However, I've run enough large communities both on Discord and Slack as well as forums to know that large code blocks trigger some people. It would be great to give them the ability to hide that for themselves, but making it mandatory for everyone when its both normal and provides utility is quite frustrating.

  • Nixill

    I made a tweet along the same lines. It also reduces keyboard accessibility because you can't page up/down through a code block.

  • Faeryl

    In case anyone is following this for updates or replies ...

    There was an update to Discord that returned the word-wrap feature in the Code Block.

    <3 <3 <3  THANK YOU DISCORD DEVS!!  <3 <3 <3

    I hope you're still considering the idea of TWO code blocks for both types of users.

    Choices and options are ALWAYS COOL!!

  • Jenna1337

    Honestly, I prefer no word wrapping in code blocks. I suggest adding an option in the "Text & Images" settings for toggling word wrapping in code blocks. Maybe even options to toggle word wrap for individual programming languages, like if you want everything except CSS to have word wrap or something.


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