hiding server emojis



  • charitwo
    I think it would be easier if all but the current server are collapsed so to speak and you could just expand or collapse as needed
  • Apcie

    Or a way to select for the server in the emoji list, to use.
    So u can turn on and off the emojis from the server u wana use

  • Akki

    Yes please. I am in a lot of servers only for the chats, but am wholly uninterested in the emojis of those particular servers.
    Being able to entierly hide those servers emojis, and maybe only show them when they are being serched for would be really nice.

  • Sea

    I have nitro classic basically just so i can use emojis across servers. But there are many servers im in just for announcements and such that have atrocious taste in emojis and they make it so hard to find the ones i actually like.

    see, jabberwock. excellent quality emojis


    see dlive and astroneer as examples. less good emojis, very server specific. i dont care for them and want to just hide them

    something simple like this

  • ispillmydrink

    What about being able to reorder the sections by moving tabs at the bottom of the emoji browser?

  • KitsuSenpai

    Yes please! You have to scroll an eternity to get to the default emojis. I personally like the collapse and reorder ideas. Maybe both to keep things organized.


    I need this so badly. I'm on my Alt but I use nitro and I actively remove servers after a while solely due to emoji lists that I don't care for. I already have the main ones I prefer to use and I don't want to use emotes that make zero sense in context on any other server. For example youtubers that have specific character sets. 

    I hate that I have to remove them but they are such a bother that I don't really have another option.

    I am only in about 6 servers strictly due to this reason

  • Racci

    Good lord, Discord made it even WORSE now!

    That's a good idea, Sea. But personally I prefer the idea of being able to collapse them in the emoji drawer since that's where I see them and then am actively thinking about how great it would be to hide them. Seems like an extra step to go locate the server to change your preferences.

  • sky.cactus

    It seems I currently have two options, leave servers with emojis I don't want to see in my list (particularly ones that sort above the built-in emojis that I actually want when I type them) or drop Discord Nitro (so they don't show up for me at all).  These both seem like bad options for Discord, as it essentially drives me away from the product/paying.

  • Batman Zur-En-Arrh

    sky.cactus Dropping Nitro won't help. They still appear but will be greyed out so you can't use them.

  • Dyfchris

    Yes please :)

    I only want to see standard Emojis.

    Can we have an option to collapse or / and delete them in the discord options?

  • Sharon

    Can we hide our server list to other people??

  • UmeSiyah


    Any news about this features ?

  • Toby

    Just left 5 servers I would've rather stayed on, but I just couldn't stand scrolling past all those useless gray emojis another time.  What a messy and poorly conceived feature!  Makes emojis unusable on a chat app!

  • Jacob Johnston

    I also just left most of the servers I was in JUST TO GET RID OF THE EMOJIS!!! What a poorly implemented and defunct feature. Really needs work. 

  • The one, the only

    Full agree here, just want to acknowledge the fact this still isn't implemented in any way, at least not for mobile. It's particularly problematic when there are multiple servers with similar emojis, so you get 4 identical pepes in your search.


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