Pruning People With Roles



  • Joseph

    Came here solely to create this same feedback suggestion. The reason is a lot of servers now have auto-roles assigned when a user joins. It'd also be much more helpful if you could be presented with a list of the users who would be pruned (and maybe their roles and last login date) before choosing who to kick.

    I wouldn't want to kick someone who's been here for a year but inactive for a month, but I would want to kick someone who's been here for a month and inactive since they joined.

  • Bleppie

    I think that you should actually be able to pick roles that would get pruned since some server have level roles.

    you only selected like also kick the members inactive with the role: Member, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5.
    - Member role, Level 5 role and Carrot = no kick
    - Member role, Level 6 role = no kick
    - Member role, Level 5 role = kick

    Like that would be awesome since some big servers give you leveled roles and you wouldn't want to kick the highest leveled ones as they might come back.
    Also maybe a bigger time to pick from (like 3 months) would be nice if you have an event server and only do events like every 2 months and announce it via other social media's. People would be inactive on those servers as some might just use it only for that one event.

  • Elven Chaos

    We need the ability to select which server roles are prune-able, and to be able to preview who is being pruned (and opt people out of being pruned) before committing to the prune.

  • Shonne

    I agree. Alot of my members have a vast variety of roles, although the server needed pruning badly.

    I don't want to remove everybody's roles just to prune members who are inactive. Maybe if there was an option to prune members only with "x" role. Or prune everyone BUT the people with "x" role.
    I signed up and came here solely to comment on this.

  • Citizen 9-100

    I concur with this. I have it set in the rules if you're inactive for 3 months, you're out, and would greatly appreciate being able to see when someone's last login/post date was

  • Mr.Gr3y59

    @joseph I'm not proficient in JS so I cannot be of much help here. I'm currently working with Python and am still a novice. When you get this bot working I would love to use it, and maybe even donate for your efforts.

  • Coven Of the Open Mind

    Please add this as a feature. It would be super easy to code. Just add an option to the roles permissions which says "can this role be pruned? Yes or no". Then add a check box to the prune menu: "include prunable roles". If that box is checked, then instead of just saying if(roles) don't prune, loop through the roles and check if any is marked as not prunable.

    Is role "yellow" prunable? Yes
    Is that the only role? Then prune. Else, check next role.

    Simple. Please add this!! Thanks for your great work guys!

  • Joseph

    @blutrausch Same, but already coded most of the bot. If you'd like an example it's here

  • MrZenious

    While this feature would be nice to have native in the application, creating a bot or simply writing a script to perform this would be easy. 


    I'll create an example Python script and leave it here when I get time to it. 

  • RudyTheNinja

    By Citizen 9-100
    "I concur with this. I have it set in the rules if you're inactive for 3 months, you're out, and would greatly appreciate being able to see when someone's last login/post date was"

    Lets get real here, unless we spam tf outta this they're not going to even look in this direction

  • AcidBurn


    I need this feature badly as everyone have a role, well a role tag on my server.

    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

  • Mr.Gr3y59

    I would also like to see this feature. Prune members 'with' specified roles.
    Currently I am building a bot to function as a pruning bot for specific roles as I cannot find any that already exist. Being a new coder, it is a lot of trial and error.

  • NekoLoko

    Is there a way to purge specific roles so you don't accidentally kick everyone?

  • Rawbn_Hood

    I would be ecstatic if in the manage member list, each member's last post time was shown. As I'm sure those of us manually running through the list for pruning would make things faster.

  • RudyTheNinja

    To the comment above me... Bruh

    You can still prune by memberless lol

    I'm more concerned with the fact that I have to choose every single roll

    And that it still doesn't get rid of inactive members

    Only OFFLINE ones .-.


    Gonna re-quote a person in this thread:

    By Citizen 9-100
    "I concur with this. I have it set in the rules if you're inactive for 3 months, you're out, and would greatly appreciate being able to see when someone's last login/post date was"


    The update feels halfassed too

    It's like they did the bare minimum just to give us the finger

    Hell, look at the changelog. They barely manage to type out the fact that the update was even added

    At least let us put a custom date, one month is too little a time window to start kicking people

    Even with what's going on people have lives to attend to

  • fiasco

    Can I ask what the reason for pruning even is? Is there some desirable result achieved by removing inactive members? Is it just to "clean things up?"

  • evad3r

    fiasco yes, in our case we had exceeded 2500 members, and we had a use case where a particular channel only accessed by certain roles needed to have "all notifications" enabled to get the best possible experience out of it. Discord disables "all notifications" for servers over 2500 members - no questions asked. So pruning was the only possible solution.

  • Deleted User 7f983ae1

    Ability to purge a member no matter how long he offline 

  • Theera/Schrekken/Ϻercenary™

    Thank you Discord for implementing this! Greatly appreciated! ;D

  • Nanami

    This...was really implanted by discord.

    Can't you like, remove all the roles from many users using Carl or any other popular bot?

    Did you know, by making this a thing, now we (servers who give roles to protect ourselves from pruning) are exposed to be pruned at any given moment?

    I can't get you people, and I can't get why discord still refuses to make prune be restricted to owners...

    Don't tell me that I should choose better mods, giving them kick permission and prune permission is a whole different matter...


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